About Online Academies


Online Academies is part of Stonebridge Associated Colleges Ltd, a leading online distance learning course provider. Online academies has a friendly layout and well-structured course syllabus.

Our categories consist of beauty, animal care, teaching assistance, Counselling, Environment, Sports, accounting, business, health and therapies among other categories.

There are two types of certifications, Endorsed and Certified, endorsed are the courses endorsed under the ABC Awards’ Quality Licence Scheme.  Certified are accredited by Online Academies.

Students can also download the certificate or have a hard copy posted (please note: you will also be given the opportunity to have a hard copy of the certificate printed off and posted out to you for a small additional charge).



Programme Benefits


Joining the Online Academies programme provides a steady income from a simple, highly converting sign up process. Online Academies delivers fast payouts on paid subscriptions for Basic and Plus sign ups within 30 days. No reconciliation delays, if a publisher delivers a completed sign up at free, full price or with a discount code applied they will earn the sale credit once the sign up or payment has been confirmed.


Contact Details


Denesh Hettiralalage, Account Manager

[email protected]









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