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Helping digital marketers succeed by creating smarter results

Why we exist

We help digital marketers succeed by creating smarter results.

How do we do this?

We cut through the complexity of the digital eco-system and unleash its full potential. We do this using our market-leading technology, data-driven insights and unrivalled expertise.We create smarter results that help marketers succeed.

What we do

Insight: It all starts with insights into when and where the online shopper is most likely to buy. We track millions of online customer journeys even when cookies are not present and use our proprietary business intelligence tool, ADAPT,to create actionable data-driven insights.

This insight allows us to deliver targeted performance advertising across multiple high quality digital channels.

Helping you succeed: The complex digital ecosystem is full of as many challenges as opportunities. We understand this marketplace: we have the expertise, the technology and the insight to deliver the smarter results that will help you succeed.

Performance-based KPIs: Our solutions are focused on delivering tangible performance based on our clients’ objectives. We can deliver sales, leads, clicks, impressions or any other metric.

Powerful connections: We are connected to all programmatic media sources, or supply side platforms (SSPs), across Europe. Our exclusive publisher network, comprising over 180,000 websites, is another key channel in delivering results for our clients.

Personalised messages: Our solution creates personalised advertising that is highly targeted and relevant because it can be generated on the fly, using insights intocustomer behaviour and preferences. At present, we are focusing on display and text-based ad formats, but mobile, social, search and email will be available very soon.

Precision targeting: Using online customer journey insights we are able to identify precise target audiences, understand the online media they consume and the products and services they buy. Delivering the right ad, to the right person, in the right place,at the right time.

Intelligent targeting: A detailed understanding of how online customers behave enables us to assess their likely future demand for products and services. We retarget them with add-on or replacement products when they are most likely to buy.The benefit of this intelligent, limited targeting is higher conversion rates. We only target individuals for a length of time within which they are most likely to make a purchase. This maximises effectiveness and minimises annoyance.

New customers: We drive new customers for your business who have shown a preference for your products and services. Unlike retargeting, which allows you to target users you already know, our solution will target completely new audiences that you haven’tinteracted with previously.

Smarter results: With our powerful technology and data-driven insights we solve the challenges of the complex digital eco-system, delivering solutions that create the smarter results that help digital marketers succeed.