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Sophie Dixon

Sales Manager


Sophie Dixon, our Sales Manager based in London, has been working at Tradedoubler for about 15 months now. Would you like to know more about her role? What does she like the most about her job? Get to know her career at TD!



How long have you being working at TD?

I’ve been working at TD for about 15 months now. Essentially, my role is to bring more advertisers to the network and them to guide through the implementation process with our Technical team and then pass them over to the Client Development team. Part of our role is also to up sell and to grow our clients account by suggesting other solutions that they might be interested in such as the programmatic solution.


How did you get into Digital Marketing?

I’ve always worked in sales and an old candidate from my days in recruitment had set up his own recruitment agency and approached me about a sales job at TD. At the time I knew absolutely nothing about digital marketing – I just knew how to sell -, but TD is really a great place to work, if you are keen to learn, everyone is so helpful. Over the last year and a half I have progressed a huge amount in terms of my knowledge, which is really great.


Tell us about your progression at TD.

In terms of my knowledge and how much I’ve learnt while I’ve been at TD, it’s been exponential. Since I started I’ve learnt a huge amount about the digital marketing industry and how Tradedoubler’s solutions can be tailored to the needs of our clients. I would say that’s all down to my colleagues – you can read as much as you want and do lots of research about an industry but ultimately observing your colleagues doing their role and just getting stuck in with talking to people has given me the best experience and knowledge. When I first started I would write a list of probably 10-20 questions throughout the day and then sit down with my manager who would go through every one with me which gave me huge amounts of knowledge very quickly.


Tell us about your colleagues.

My colleagues and friends at TD are one of the best parts of the company. Everyone is so inclusive to new starters and there’s always lots going on with most people also socialising together outside of work. Everyone is also more than happy to help with any questions or support you might need – it’s a very welcoming environment.


How do you live our values at Tradedoubler?

The values we hold in the UK in line with our new strategy are focus, knowledge and perception. We’ve done a lot of work over the past year to change our standing and perception within the market as we’ve introduced new solutions and technologies and this is a big part of my role within the Sales team. At TD we are focusing towards advertisers who can truly benefit from the experience of our Clients Development Managers and who we can provide positive growth for within their online marketing activities. We’ve also been working on developing the knowledge of the UK team.


What do you like the most about your job?

One of the best parts of my role is that I have a lot of freedom and trust placed in me to work with the clients I bring on however I choose to. At Tradedoubler we approach a new client with a holistic view so we don’t simply sell them an affiliate program. We look at their individual goals and KPIs and then decide how our solutions can help them to reach their own business objectives. It might be that we run some branding activity with premium publishers through our programmatic solution while giving the client the ability to see the interaction of all of their online channels through our tracking technology to learn more about how much spend they should be allocating and where. Every time we submit a proposal to our clients we’re tailoring our solutions to the needs of their business.


How would you describe our working environment?

The office is great, the people are amazing. Overall TD is a great place to work. We work hard but also know how to have a lot of fun with monthly social events, Summer and Christmas parties – it’s a very inclusive place to work.


What is the biggest lesson that you have learned in your career at TD?

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt at TD has been to ask lots and lots of questions. Obviously if you’ve had something explained to you 5 times already this doesn’t apply but if you come across something you don’t know about or haven’t heard about before ask the question. There’s such as wide range of backgrounds and experiences at TD that there will always be someone you can learn from. You learn and progress far quicker if you’re open to asking questions and expanding your knowledge rather than assuming you should know everything already.



Sophie Dixon Sales Manager Digital Performance Marketing


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