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User journey insights

User Journey insights in TD ADAPT

Online customer journeys are becoming increasingly complicated, often creating large data sets that are difficult to understand. User Journey in TD ADAPT enables you to make sense of these online journeys, giving you the insights you need to optimise your digital marketing spend.

It looks beyond last click to show you a full view of your customer’s path to purchase across programmes, business models and channels. It means that you no longer need to rely on gut feel or meaningless aggregated reporting. Your marketing decisions are based on insight and understanding; your digital marketing budget is optimised to deliver smarter results for your business.


  • Full visibility of the entire online customer journey​
  • Easy to understand visualisations ​of complex data sets
  • ​Drill down into the detail you want ​to see​
  • Shows the value of partners and channels​
  • Influencer reports to show who is driving traffic but not converting​
  • Winner reports show who is ​driving sales​
  • No implementation required​


  • You understand the online behaviour of your customers​
  • Makes sense of large, complex data sets​
  • New understanding of the partners and channels driving the most value​
  • You can make informed decisions that optimise activity across all digital touch points​
  • New metrics allow you to predict how long your strategies will take to deliver against your KPIs​
  • You increase your marketing ROI and deliver smarter results