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Our market leading business intelligence platform

The more information we have, the better the decisions we make, right? Wrong.

Tests have proven that too much information causes us to make the wrong decisions. Or worse still, we risk making no decisions at all. This condition is called data blindness or analysis paralysis. So is there a cure?

At Tradedoubler, we believe information is power, but only when we can glean actionable insights from it. This is why we have developed a new business intelligence tool that enables digital marketers to quickly access the information they need to make smarter business decisions.

Welcome to ADAPT, our market-leading business intelligence platform.


  • Customised data visualisations
  • Metrics aligned with your KPIs
  • Enterprise report builder
  • Built on the latest business intelligence technology
  • Full visibility of the data you need to understand from affiliate data to the full spectrum of your digital marketing activity


  • Fast, easy access to complex transactional data
  • Deep insight into your digital marketing data – you can capture and interact with the data that you want to see
  • Actionable data-driven insights at a glance
  • The flexibility of this customisable platform increases its value to clients
  • Enterprise tool enables you to create reports and visualisations