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Case study: TD ENGAGE – Video

Tradedoubler delivers successful video campaign for leading travel clienttd-engage_square_hp

Tradedoubler has delivered a successful video branding campaign in Switzerland and France using TD ENGAGE Video, its programmatic solution for targeting customers using contextually relevant video. The objective was to reach an audience of adults who were interested in travel, tourism and news content and who lived in a tightly defined geographical region. The pre-roll video campaign was delivered across both desktop and tablet between 5 August to 4 September 2016.

The key KPI was to deliver 400,000 targeted impressions over the duration of the campaign.

  • Tradedoubler delivered the right video ad, within contextually relevant content, at the right time and to the right person
  • Hyper targeted premium video inventory was selected based on the campaign objectives
  • All video inventory was 100% whitelisted and brand safe

Tradedoubler successfully drove additional exposure for the travel client. The TD ENGAGE Video campaign generated high click and conversion rates, surpassing client expectations and targets. Furthermore, Tradedoubler delivered over 90 conversions which went beyond the agreed campaign goals and objectives.

  • Impressions 400,000
  • Click through rate 20% above market average
  • Average video completion rate 82%
  • 300,000 completed videos (VTR 75%)