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Working at Tradedoubler

  • What I love about my job is the variety of it, one day you might be going out to pitch to a client or it might be that you get a cold call with a client that is very interested in our products. At Tradedoubler, there is always opportunities to grow and develop your skills. If you are looking to progress in your career, this is the place to start! We work really hard but we have fun at the same time. It’s a really nice place to work!

    Sophie Dixon - Sales Manager
  • I have been working in the Platform Team at Tradedoubler for over two and a half years now. What I like most about Tradedoubler is the ownership I have for the applications I work with, the people, multi-cultural international environment, flexibility, freedom to put forward my views and the fact that everyone here is so approachable. Tradedoubler appreciate and applaud your talents and treat you like the rockstar you are. At Tradedoubler, you’ll flourish in an environment that encourages free expression, collaboration, individuality, and diversity. You will build high performance applications and API’s that scale and are being used by thousands of customers worldwide. Come and join us and be part of this great Organization.

    Girish Sharma - System Developer
  • The best thing about being an employee at Tradedoubler is the possibility to gain personal and professional development. Tradedoubler will always help you develop and help you find the best sides about yourself at the same time as you’ll always be challenged. I have been given the chance to gain knowledge in so many categories thanks to my colleagues and Tradedoubler as a whole company.

    Johanna Kulhanek - Client Development Manager
  • In this industry, there is so many different partners that we can work with, and so many different products that we can develop and activate to achieve our client’s goals. I really like the fact that everything is measurable, so you can actually see the results of what you are doing on a daily basis, and that’s what I enjoy the most about digital marketing. If you have an entrepreneurial mind-set, and if you are willing to learn about the digital marketing space Tradedoubler is the right company to work for!

    Franck Georget - Strategy Director
  • Working for Tradedoubler is a great experience. The best part is that you never stop learning:  if you want to improve your career this is the right place! We are all great workers, but we know how to have fun, that is why we are such a cohesive team. Everyone can express ideas and opinions, bringing contribution to the company. If you are looking to join us you won’t regret it!

    Cristina Pizzo - Client Development Manager
  • Tradedoubler’s working environment is like no other company, it’s fun and challenging. Every day you learn something new and gain more knowledge and experience. The best thing about Tradedoubler is the people, we all work as one team and every issue is not an issue when you solve it together. All my colleagues have different backgrounds, everyone has a different set of knowledge and experience that together brings a lot of quality and adds value to the business. If you are looking to join Tradedoubler, you will have support since the beginning of your career here.

    Denesh Hettiralalage - Client Development Executive
  • People and Technology are the key parts of our company. At Tradedoubler you will never get bored, there is always something new to do for our clients and always exciting things coming for the business in the future. In two years and half, my big accomplishment has been my progression from an executive role to a director position. So everything I am as a professional is because of Tradedoubler, they gave me the opportunity to show and develop my technical and people skills. If you want to grow as a professional and as a person, this is the place to be!

    Riccardo Favara - Technical Client Director