Exit Intent: How to Increase Your Conversions


Last week we hosted a Webinar together with speaker David Ayre who went through tips, tricks and Do’s & Don’t’s around the subject of ‘Exit Intent’. He was discussing reasons as to why customers might be choosing to leave your website, and potential ways around this. We have created a brief summary for your convenience below based on the presentation, including some key takeaways.


Reasons why customers leave

Extra costs too high (shipping, taxt, fees)
Too long / complicated checkout process  
I couldn’t see / calculate total order cost up-front  
Website had errors / crashed
I didn’t trust the site with my credit card information
Delivers was too slow
Returns policy wasn’t satisfactory
There weren’t enough payment methods
The credit card was declined

10 Tips for success

How can I ensure personalisation without intrusion?

  1. Understand your visitor’s journey to your site
  2. Understand your visitor’s actions while on site
  3. Don’t unnecessarily discount
  4. Personalise your messaging
  5. Consider your own internal measurements of success
  6. Never assume anything – customers will always surprise you!
  7. Get in-depth insights into your site traffic
  8. Ensure you are in control of what messages are being shown to which customers and when
  9. Test, Test, Test and Test again – customer’s needs and responses are continuously changing
  10. Report, React and optimize – don’t be scared to change your strategy if needed



This was the first of many Webinars that Tradedoubler will be co-hosting with publishers going forward, on a wide variety of different subjects. We are very keen on receiving your feedback not only on how the session went, but on potential improvements for future ones. Feel free to contact us for further discussions!

Next Webinar

The next Webinar that we will be hosting will be within the influencer space. More details on that to come in the upcoming weeks!

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