World Cup for Advertisers & Publishers

World Cup has just started and we want to make sure you are involved in this important moment! You will find below the World Cup Exposure Package for Advertisers, followed by some offers that you, as a publisher, can promote this month.



World Cup Exposure Package

We have put together a World Cup exposure package featuring some of our publishers with great and exclusive Tradedoubler offers that you can only access through us.

If you would like to get the package, please reach out to your Account Manager for further information on any bookings. Some slots are first come first serve so please ensure that you act this as soon as possible with your AM!



World Cup offers

This month, there’s a good excuse to promote sports deals. Therefore, we have made a list of all the programs that are worth promoting this time. For further information, please get in touch with your Account Manager.

Groupon | ID: 264856 | Commission: 13% | Join…

At Groupon, you will find everything you need to enjoy this World Cup. This time you will probably need a comfortable sofa, a big TV or a BBQ grill to watch the games accordingly, so don’t miss the opportunity to promote some of these offers. If you are a very addicted person, Panini FIFA World Cup stickers are a must-have collection for football fans of all age. This stickers collection brings together world’s best teams and players!

Puma UK | ID: 190319 | Commission: 6% | Join Programme…

PUMA, one of the best international leading brands for sportswear, is offering a selection of performance wear, relaxed lifestyle wear and sporting gear that you can also promote this time of the year. Here you can buy uniforms from different teams from all over the world, the home, as well as the away uniforms.

Football Index | ID: 277814 | Commission: up to £70 | Join…

Football Index is experiencing its first World Cup, so this is the time for you to bet online with them. Who do you think is going to win the next game? Don’t be afraid and go for it with Football Index! If you are interested in playing the football stock market but not sure where to start, you can check out their academy section.

Heineken | ID: 276030 | Commission: 10% | Join Programme Here

You can not watch a football game without a beer to celebrate all the goals of the match. Is there anything better than have beer on tap at home? With THE SUB, you would enjoy premium draught beer on tap, wherever you are watching the World Cup games. Designed by Marc Newson, this home draught system is a cooperation between Heineken and Krups. There are two SUB designs available: Black, and of course the classic, well-known Heineken edition.

Armani UK | ID: 239197 | Commission: 10% | Join Program…

Get well dressed for the World Cup, with Armani t-shirts with the team you are supporting. This world’s most renowned fashion brand has amazing special offers and suggestions for you to wear this month at the World Cup games! You will find the finest Italian clothing, shoes, and many fashion and lifestyle items.

Contactlenses UK | ID: 272304 | Commission: 12 % | Join…

You will probably watch the World Cup somewhere outside in the sun, so it requires new sunglasses. At Contactlenses, you will find new sunglasses range that are made with sustainable bamboo arms and wood pulp front to create a totally Earth Friendly range of sunglasses. We believe you would get very stylish with your friends!



If you would like to know more about each programme and the offers you would like to promote, just get in touch with us or check our Publisher Hub to find more offers and programmes that can help you planning World Cup’s actions.

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