What consumers want in 2023

As 2022 draws to a close, we look back on a year in which events and face-to-face meetings were able to take place again after the Covid-19pandemic and “normality” returned. These changes have also been clearly reflected in consumers and their buying behaviour. Therefore, we have surveyed more than 500 participants on what they are looking forward to in the new year and learn about their shopping habits.

„I prefer to shop online and in person in the shop.“ – 73 %

shopping_consumer 2023

The Covid-19 pandemic is slowly calming down and people are returning to shopping in person. Nevertheless, the benefits of online shopping have attracted many followers and consumers to remain loyal to the online shopping – so don’t worry, online shopping is still the future. Because only 10% of our respondents said that they prefer to shop in person.

“I take advantage of offers, discounts, and/or vouchers when I shop online.” – 96 %

shopping_consumer 2023

Almost all respondents reported that they use offers, discounts, and vouchers when they shop online. This is also made clear by our survey question on what is important to consumers when they shop online, as 464 people place value on offers and discounts. Also, convenience (417 people) and service & quality (308 people) are important for online shopping to consumers in 2023.

If you are wondering how best to promote your offers, discounts, and vouchers, this works very well with different performance marketing solutions. According to our survey, you should focus on the following publisher types: Voucher Sites,  Email marketing, -In App Promotion, Cashback Sites, Price Comparison Sites, and Influencers.

“Advertising influences me.” – 75 %

75% of people said that advertising influenced them. This again shows that advertising was used well last year and achieved its goal. For 2023 it is still important to bring advertising in front of the consumer as a good way of convincing them to convert. Once again, performance marketing is ideal for this, because the user consciously decides to use the advertisement and you as the seller only pay if the user has made the desired action such as a purchase, download, lead, etc.

“I have decided to make some investments in 2023.” – 40 %

40% of participants have already started thinking about investments in 2023. Good for us marketers as it tells us which industry to focus on in 2023. Our survey showed that the community want to invest their money in Furniture (33%), Fashion (26%), Health & Beauty (24%), Food & Drink (22%), Computers & Electronics (22%), and Travel (18%).

industries_consumer 2023

Boost your sales in the right way

Through the survey results, you can gather great information on consumer buying behaviour for 2023 and you know where to focus your marketing efforts. Contact our experts to boost your sales in 2023 now >>

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