The Blogger Programme Webinar: Influencer Marketing | The Affiliate Way


On the 16th of July, we will be hosting a webinar about Influencer Marketing | The Affiliate Way, conducted by the Sales Director from the Blogger Programme, he will talk about what is behind the scene in the affiliate marketing campaigns.

2:00 pm – 2:30 pm


About the Webinar

Influencer Marketing | The Affiliate Way

The webinar will give you a closer look at the Influencer marketing industry, a look behind the scene of what goes into these campaigns and how so many brands are seeing success beyond their wildest dreams. Most importantly it will show you how all of this can and has been done using the same principles we are used to from the affiliate marketing industry, a CPA model and virtually unknown brands at that time.


Mo Ali
Sales Director, The Blogger Programme

Mo is the Sales Director at TBP helping brands make sense out of the phenomenon that is Influencer Marketing through integrated campaigns and their influencer marketing platform. He has a great blend of experience, from his days at digital marketing agency working on campaigns for British Red Cross, Muller, Virgin and many more to helping PR & marketing pro’s utilise the power of content marketing through the use of SaaS platform and he has helped some of the well know brands out there such as Visa, Adidas, L’Oreal as well as a whole host of really exciting startups and upcoming brands.



Watch the Replay from the webinar.



Influencer Week

Between the 16th and the 20th of July, we organised our first Influencer Week which is now all wrapped up.

We are hosted an Influencer day on the 19th of July for our Publishers and Advertisers, where we had people talking about the affiliate and influencer industry while also getting the chance to listen to some of them speak about their products and what they do.


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