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My Lindholm works as HR Manager at Tradedoubler. Did you know that her journey in employee well-being began at a hotel chain in London? Read on to learn more about My and her current role at Tradedoubler!

My Lindholm
My Lindholm, HR Manager at Tradedoubler

Who is My Lindholm?

An easy-going person who tries to focus on the positives; not at all cliché.

I was quite the adventurous 20-year-old that supplied Sweden with vacations to primarily Latin America before landing the “Volvo, house, dog” life, which is something I never thought I would do – but I love it!

Why did you choose HR as a profession?

Perhaps I was influenced by the fact that I am the youngest of five siblings. I’ve always been interested in people and what drives us. I dislike conflicts but would not refer to myself as being afraid of them, as I always find that communication is the key to resolutions. I strongly believe that nearly everything can be solved or avoided through good communication.

During my high school years, I started an internship at a large hotel chain in London, which sparked my interest in human resources. The employees of this hotel had to follow strict instructions on how to do their work. I based my thesis on my internship and focused my writing and research on how organizations should integrate their employees into decision-making in order to achieve the best possible results.

What does an ordinary workday look like for you?

The workdays of My have a lot of variation – everything from internal reporting and supporting management in recruitment, to establishing HR processes both locally and globally. I always begin my day by creating goals for the workday, but I always have to remain flexible and available for the wider organization.

What does your role contribute the most?

I contribute primarily with perspective, advice, and structure.

What is the biggest challenge within HR?

HR is a very broad and varied department, so the biggest challenge is to always focus on what is the most beneficial for the organization. Just like everyone else in the company, I need to ensure that the work that I do elevates the business and that I need to prioritize accordingly.

The whole Tradedoubler team wants to thank you, My, for always being there when we need you! We also want to thank you, dear follower, for taking the time to get to know our amazing colleague. Hopefully, you’ve gleaned an interesting perspective into the role of HR Manager at Tradedoubler.

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