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We asked Sara CentemeroCountry Manager at Tradedoubler Italia – to share her vision about Influencer Marketing and her predictions for the business in 2022.

Insider Intelligence expects an overall investment for brands of $ 15 billion in Influencer Marketing by 2022.

It’s not money that will end up in the pockets of the big players like “Chiara Ferragni”. The Italian influencer is still a global reference. But the data has been showing a restructuring of the market towards Micro- or Nano-influencers for some time.

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The difference between the Influencer types

There is no acknowledged classification. But someone, who uses these Influencer types means this size of followers per social network:

Nano:  between 1 K and 10 K
Micro: between 10 K and 100 K
Macro: between 100 K and 1 M
Mega:  starts from 1 M

But if we manage to overcome the rigorous and comforting classifications, once a rough interval has been established, the characteristic that distinguishes the Micro-influencer or Nano-influencer from the other categories is not a mere numerical value.

What are the problems with Mega-influencer?

To understand this, let’s go back once again to the essence of the definition of an influencer. We are talking about an evolution of the classic concept of “word of mouth marketing” achieved thanks to social networks. In short, whether it is Mega, Macro, Micro or Nano, the influencer is a marketing tool at the service of brands that focuses on characteristics as: trust, empathy, target group.

Given these characteristics, word of mouth, and therefore the brand message, is more genuine and effective, but not only. The crisis of Mega-influencers can be found in two main aspects:

  • the crowding of sponsored posts in the feeds of an influencer
  • the high heterogeneity of followers.

Because many followers mean:

  • different interests
  • a proliferation and overlap of niches
  • a dispersion of the message

So the message of the brands will be lost in the immensity of numbers.

Then there was Covid19, which resulted in the reduction of investment in brands. But the decrease in investment from big brands and the arrival of small brands with high visibility need to make up for this.

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Why should you focus on Micro- and Nano-influencers?

Micro- and nano-influencers are coming more and more into the foreground. Therefore, we at Tradedoubler, and the market as a whole, are questioning the value of these categories.

If a Micro- or Nano-influencer shares a message with their “limited” number of followers, the campaign engagement is much higher. This is because trust, empathy and the right target group is more easily reached here.

These influencers don’t speak from a privileged pedestal, they are not celebrities, they are perceived as “one of us” and are more genuine. They don’t confuse their following with thousands of messages from different brands and are experts in a very specific niche. In short: they better humanise the brand and cost companies less.

And for new consumers, starting with the Millennials, the “human” relationship with brands is much more than a coupon. We know this from Customer Engagement trends.

In conclusion, the most popular content today is Stories and short videos, as shown by TikTok. Because if you don’t have Stories as a feature these days, you are not a social channel worthy of the name. In terms of markets, most clicks and sales are generated by influencers in fashion, health and beauty, furniture and lifestyle. But it is only a matter of time before the trend spreads to other sectors.

Sara Centemero

Who is Sara Centemero?

She is Country Manager at Tradedoubler Italia and has over 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing with B2C and B2B skills. Today she focuses on achieving sustainable and successful results for Advertisers and Publishers in Affiliate Marketing.

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