Valentine’s Day with affiliate marketing

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you have to get ready for the shopping event. Every year on 14 February, people (single or couples) want to give their loved ones a treat. But how do I address my target group in the right way?

The history of Valentine’s Day

Before we explore how best to market your products on Valentine’s Day, let’s start by understanding what Valentine’s Day is and where it comes from.

The Day of Love was named after Saint Valentine and takes place annually on 14 February, the anniversary of his death. One day in England, “Valentine’s couples” were formed to give each other small gifts or poems. Emigrants and soldiers brought this custom to other countries, and so it took its course. Since then, we have today’s tradition of showing your loved ones your love on this day with a small gift.

Valentine’s Day with affiliate marketing

On Valentine’s Day, it is not only the loving couples and singles who benefit. Year after year, retailers also hope to increase their sales through promotions on this shopping day. But how can I address my target group in the best way?

1. First come, first served

As with Black Friday or other shopping days, the competition never sleeps, and it becomes more important to differentiate yourself. Therefore, it is necessary to place your products on the publisher websites at the beginning of February and attract the interest of customers with attractive offers. Otherwise, it could be that the good placements are already gone, and you miss out on sales.

Therefore it’s important for advertisers to prepare and communicate offers to publishers early.

2. Correct publisher selection

Whether you’re using bloggers, influencers, coupon sites, display ads, apps, etc. with affiliate marketing, you can easily reach your target group. Which publisher is most suitable for this depends on your marketing goal. Our experts will be happy to help you!

3. Good website presence

A must-have for advertisers as well as publishers is a responsive, fluid web design. An optimised website, where sales can be transacted completely online, is indispensable.

4. Don‘t forget singles

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. Singles or pet lovers also use this day to express their love. So prepare for every person who uses the shopping day in your advertisement.

5. Last Minute

Advertisers will often reserve budget for last-minute placement opportunities provided by publishers. Therefore, publishers should highlight available placements to advertisers shortly before Valentine’s Day to get the most out of the shopping day.

Also, many customers forget to buy a gift for their loved ones in stressful everyday life. That is why it is important to start looking at products just before Valentine’s Day. Tips for this are, for example, the indication of the latest order or the gift that can still be bought on Valentine’s Day – there are no limits to creativity.

Do you want to start with your Valentine’s Day campaign? Then get in touch with us! Our Experts look forward to reaching the best out of Valentine’s Day for you >>

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