Trends in the final spurt for the holiday shopping business


2017 holiday shopping season has started with a very successful Black Friday and Cyber Week. Having a look at last years’ final spurts before the holidays we have noticed some interesting facts and trends that might impact your holiday activities.

During the month of December across EMEA Mondays were the strongest and Saturdays the weakest days of the week for online shopping. So focus your activities on the right times!

While mobile sales during working days in December 2016 was at an average of 18 %, it increased to 25 % during the weekend and cumulated at a record level of 33 % on December 25.

Top vertical in EMEA during the 2016 holiday shopping season was Shopping & Retail with a growth in order value of almost 20 % YOY. Looking at a country level, Spain & Portugal showed the biggest growth in Shopping & Retail of 175 % YOY followed by Benelux with 162 %. The average order value across all verticals in EMEA in 2016 was 73 €, but we saw some variances by vertical. While Shopping & Retail was rather average with 78 €, Computers & Electronics leaded with 121 €, followed by Travel with 100 €.

Looking at percentages of mobile sales 2016 by vertical, gives some interesting insights. These vary significantly for the top 6 verticals in EMEA:

Naturally coupon/discount codes/deals was the publisher model generating most order value in the holiday shopping season 2016 (25 % of total OV). This segment showed a healthy growth of 7 % YOY. Cashback/loyalty accounted for 21 % and vertical sites for 13 %. Rising significance could be seen in bloggers (+ 47 % YOY) and adware sites (+ 39 % YOY). While the average conversion rate for all publisher models was 1 %, some models stood out significantly: The best conversion rate of 10% delivered reward, followed by cashback/loyalty with 8 % and coupon/discount codes/deals with 5 %.

Is your holiday shopping promo performing well? Get in touch with your Client Development Manager at Tradedoubler to know which publishers have exposure opportunities and which exposure works best with your type of product. Time is flying! We wish you a very successful holiday shopping season!

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