Tradedoubler released New Version of Digital Gift Card Tool TD REWARD


Tradedoubler today announced the immediate availability of Version 2 of their digital gift card tool TD REWARD. Digital gift cards are an effective way to incentivise customers at the point of purchase, without needing to discount the brand. The new version includes many enhancements to make digital gift cards even more customizable to customers’ needs.

New features include:

  • Incentivising all sales or specific products tracked through Tradedoubler’s technology
  • Definition of a minimum eligible order value to ensure ROI
  • Limitation of the number of gift cards available to better control budget
  • Email remarketing for user signing up to the campaign but that haven’t purchased yet
  • Real-time reporting capability to follow campaign performance
  • Claim management system


TD REWARD v2 is fully integrated with Tradedoubler technology which makes it unique and very easy to use for advertisers. Benefits of TD REWARD include:

  • Brand perception: Incentivising sales through gift cards enables advertisers to keep their brand perception high while still driving acquisition.
  • Brand association: Advertisers can embrace users behaviour and incentivise their purchase with gift cards that are relevant to their brand’s products. Advertisers that are selling travel, for example, can offer a Zalando gift card so customers can buy their perfect outfit.
  • Competitive promotion: Brands can stand out with unique and innovative offers through gift cards. They can guarantee incremental acquisitions and increase their market share.
  • Alternative to vouchers: Tradedoubler’s gift card solution enables advertisers to build advanced promotion strategies. Especially if the brands don’t have voucher capability on their website or if they are looking for a more flexible voucher solution to support their marketing plans.

Digital gift cards available include Amazon, Zalando, Tesco, Uber, Pizza Express and many more.


Some customer feedback:

“We ran a TD REWARD campaign with a chosen publisher which was a real success. We managed to increase the sign-ups for our weight-loss program by over 30% within 14 days. The set-up and monitoring of the campaign as well as communication with the publisher was all handled by Tradedoubler and we only had to provide the graphics.

We are really looking forward to running more TD REWARD campaigns in January and with that being able to offer our potential costumer a great incentive.”  

Samuel Hojas, Online Marketing Specialist Weight Watchers


For further information please contact:

Andrea Schätzl-Naeve, Digital Marketing and Communication Manager


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