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Tradedoubler is now the second largest affiliate network in Germany

Tradedoubler is now the second largest affiliate network in Germany, according to the latest iBusiness ranking.  This is a jump of six places since the 2015 ranking.  Over the last year Tradedoubler has driven over 5.8 million sales and leads for its clients in Germany and this impressive result is a testament to our increasing strength in the German market.

We are a leading performance marketing partner for our clients, creating smarter results for them through our unique mix of traffic, technology and expertise.  We are constantly investing in new areas to ensure that we offer relevant solutions that are in line with the needs of our clients.

As performance marketing develops it is increasingly important that advertisers understand the behaviour of their customers so that they can reach them with relevant messaging in the right place and at the right time.

Tradedoubler’s state of the art tracking platform, TD CONNECT, allows advertisers to track the online journeys of their customers across multiple devices and channels.  Using TD ADAPT, our market-leading business intelligence platform, they can visualise and understand these journeys so that they can optimise their digital ad spend across the most effective channels and sites.

We are expanding our business in line with the market and can deliver targeted display, mobile and video campaigns through TD ENGAGE, our full service programmatic solution.  With our unique mix of technology and digital marketing solutions we work as a partner for our clients, helping them reach their customers throughout their entire online journeys.

If you would like to know more about how the second largest affiliate network in Germany is changing to be a leading digital marketing partner for our clients, please get in touch.