Tradedoubler launches Grow, the smart affiliate network for small businesses

Giving full access to a vast network of publishers in an intuitive platform


We are excited to announce the launch of Grow, a new self-service affiliate marketing platform to support small businesses around the world.

Exclusively designed for start-ups and accelerators, Grow opens the business opportunity lying within affiliate marketing, by removing joining fees, reducing contract commitment, and offering clients a plug-and-play tracking integration.


Seth Rubin, Managing Director for Grow, said: “Our goal with Grow is to empower start-ups to overcome the common challenges of setting up a business, from lack of time, budget, and human resources, to direct competition with bigger players. With Grow, small businesses can leverage performance-based marketing to generate the income needed to keep going.  To achieve this, we guarantee full access to our publisher network, we offer convenient terms and competitive rates.”

Matthias Stadelmeyer, Tradedoubler CEO, shares the vision: “We are excited and proud to put our two-decade experience in performance marketing at the service of small businesses around the world. Especially in these economically challenging times, entrepreneurs need all the support they can get to form partnerships and accelerate early growth.”


The launch of the Grow platform follows a successful pilot in several European markets, incorporating over 200 small businesses from fashion, electronics, retail, and finance verticals.

More information about the features and benefits of joining Grow can be found on the official website:

The press release is available for download here:

Tradedoubler launches Grow
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