RevLifter Event: Black Friday – Now it’s Personal

On the 24th of September the Tradedoubler team joined RevLifter as they hosted their very first event focusing on how to personalise deals and incentives during peak period.

The afternoon kicked off with James Maley, RevLifter, Head of Business Development for EMEA & APAC addressing why personalised deals are so important, how it can create brand loyalty and how consumers are increasingly willing to share their data in exchange for tailored experiences.

Data from Forrester suggests that brands aren’t yet fully personalising their customer journeys which signifies a huge opportunity in this area. “Just 13% of businesses say they can orchestrate customer journeys at scale, and 63% of brands say they’re unable to immediate action on available customer data.”


The Pitfalls of Personalisation

James referred to three common pitfalls of personalisation that many brands come across, including overvaluing — doing personalisation for the sake of personalisation when there may be a limited potential value or better opportunities elsewhere.

Overcomplicating — ignoring some of the simpler types of personalisation that can deliver as much impact but with far less effort.

Finally, overreaching — Trying to do personalisation when it may not be well suited to how the organisation engages with its users and prospects.

Does your brand tick the boxes?

Repeated interactions

Repeated interactions enable you to use data from previous visits to personalise future interactions.

Frequent interactions

Data for personalisation needs to be as fresh as possible. The greater the gap between interactions, the less likely the data is to still be relevant.
Diverse Audiences

Personalisation is most successful when users have very different needs. The more diverse the audience the more essential personalisation becomes.

Following from this, James talked about the six faces of personalisation and how RevLifter defines personalisation.

“Personalisation is the process of creating 1-to-1 experiences for customers. Presenting consumers with unique deals which are specifically tailored to their needs and desires all based on the retailer’s goals”
RevLifter’s Product RoadMap


Next to present was Ryan Kliszat, RevLifter, Co-founder and Chief of Product and Strategy.

Ryan took the audience on a journey through RevLifter’s product roadmap and where they see their products developing over the next 12 months. From gamification of offers to powerful social proofing techniques to encourage conversion. Finally, the tools they are building to prove incrementality.


What is your customer journey algorithm?

Ending the afternoon, guest speaker Gabriel Hughes PhD, inventor of multi-touch attribution at Google and Co-founder of Metageni investigated the challenges of customer attribution.

People today have a huge range of choices where and how to buy, with multiple channels, tools and device to discover your brand. In the age of AI and data-driven enterprise, Gabriel discussed if it’s possible to measure and optimise this entire customer journey, for each and every potential customer. Most online businesses are struggling to move beyond basic last-click marketing, web tracking and oversimplified conversion funnels.

His session provided an insightful overview of analytical methods for measuring and optimising customer journeys, from multi-touch attribution to machine optimisation.


If you would like to learn more about what RevLifter discussed during their event or would like to schedule a product demo with the team simply contact or visit their website on

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