TikTok continues to be the top-performing app

Since 2017, the popular app “TikTok” has enjoyed increasing popularity. This is also shown in the worldwide annual review of the top-performing apps by download and revenue written by App Annie. This is where TikTok reached second place, highlighting the position and the influence of this app.


Advertisement placements on TikTok started back in 2019 Since then, more and more brands have discovered the social media channel for themselves. No wonder, with the popularity of this app. In addition, there is a very high reach with comparatively low costs.

Why use TikTok as an advertising platform?

With the spread of the popular platform, more and more social media apps are trying to implement the features and components of TikTok into their own apps. Ultimately, they have to keep up with the changes in society and offer users what they expect. So why focus on TikTok when other apps can provide the same?

The fact is that TikTok continues to have a rapidly growing number of users, among whom the age group has now risen to over 30. Currently, the competition is low , because advertising has only been possible on there for a short amount of time and therefore the number of advertisers using the platform is small. In addition, users are not currently annoyed by the advertising and have not developed advertising blindness, as with other popular social media apps.

So take your chance now and generate great reach for your brand through TikTok!

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