The possibilities of Voucher Marketing

Do you want to attract and retain new customers? With voucher marketing, that`s easy as new customers can be won and retained excellently. Especially within affiliate marketing vouchers play an important role.

Why is voucher marketing so attractive?

Most people immediately pay attention to coupons, discount codes, vouchers or bonuses. No surprise as every shopper is happy to make a saving on a purchase. But from the marketer’s perspective, there is much more behind it. Vouchers help to find and bind new customers to a brand for the long term and to increase sales.

Benefits of voucher marketing

Different marketing goals can be achieved by using vouchers in affiliate marketing.

Reach & Awareness

The advertiser automatically receives reach and awareness through the placement of vouchers on their publisher’s websites.

Increase in order value

By applying a minimum order values to a voucher for it to be redeemed brands can increase the average order value of their sales.

New customer acquisition

New customers will be attracted by vouchers and will be turned into existing customers who purchase as well again without rebates.

Reactivation of existing customers

Vouchers can be a new purchase incentive for existing customers, which leads to repeated purchases.

Warehouse sale and product launches

Does the remaining stock have to be removed from the warehouse to make room for new products? By offering discounts on these products, purchases can be accelerated. This applies as well for introducing new products.

The triple-win effect

Voucher marketing in combination with affiliate marketing brings benefits to all three involved parties. The customer is happy about a good purchase and the publisher about the conversion and the linked commission. The advertiser achieves their marketing goals by stimulating both their clients as well as their partners.

voucher marketing triple win effect

Do you also want to profit from Voucher Marketing?

There are still a lot of points that need to consider when developing this marketing strategy. Therefore, our experts will be happy to assist you. Get in touch with us and get started with Voucher Marketing now >>

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