The Perfume Shop Brand Day

On the 25th of April 2019, we hosted a brand day at our London office. The Perfume Shop team have provided their publishers with an immersive experience into the fragrance world.


Bringing their expert Lee to take us through their universe has allowed great inception in their brand, objectives and core values. Publishers and Tradedoubler staff have had a great opportunity to understand The Perfume Shop’s USP’s, value and overall strategy, see their point of difference and services they offer and understand better the industry and customers segmentation.

It all started with transforming our breakout area in a perfume showroom and a funny icebreaker, going around a few people’s actual perfumes and the reasons for it being their favourite.

The Perfume Shop team went through their company history, a summary of who they are, what they do and how they do it. The introduction of their business has been ideal to present their core value: We’re experts, we’re passionate, we care. They demonstrated how their team was very knowledgeable and put the customers and people at heart. It was interesting to get to know our partner better and demonstrate how they are open to share and collaborate closely with all affiliates to work together as part of one big team.

A deep dive in the different fragrance families have followed, taking the audience in a whirlwind of sent! We have been taken through the fragrance’s structure and got more familiar with the different strengths of products.

It has been interesting to get a better grasp of how the business works and differentiate themselves gaining competitive advantage online and instore.

This was a chance to remind publishers of the benefits to work with the brand and what was available to promote: free delivery on ALL orders and free click & collect in just 30 mins, engraving, the rewards club, the exclusive lines etc. but also the team’s flexibility with offers and their openness to innovation.

After that, everyone had was able to take part in a quiz allowing tree lucky winners to show off the knowledge they’ve acquired and gone back with a full-size bottle of perfume.


Publishers Feedback:



Alex Graham, Savoo

The Perfume Shop brand day was a fantastic success. I feel much closer to the brand and have a much firmer grasp on their business objectives, their culture and priorities. I learnt much about both the brand and perfume. It was great to be able to have a brief catch-up with the client directly and discuss next steps for working together.




Greg Constable, Groupon

It was great to attend The Perfume Shop affiliate day last week – it was refreshing to have the client present to us the background of their company. It was the perfect opportunity to meet their wider team and ask any questions we had. Naturally, this level of engagement with a brand is always beneficial and helps us grow relationships and the programme moving forward.





Matthew Pique, MVC

Thanks for having us down there. Really enjoyed it.

Thought it gave a really good educational piece on the perfume industry and therefore came away having learnt a lot. Presented really well and didn’t lose interest.

It also gave a great Insite into the different ways in which TPS can work with affiliates which will help moving forward with future planning etc.



Tassa Sandhu, GSG

The Perfume Sop Brand Day organised by TD was a great session! It allowed us to understand the vision behind the affiliate program and learn so much more about our client’s core business. It was also extremely interesting to learn all about the Perfume Industry and the passion the speakers have for the products really shone through.

Client Feedback:



Hazel Hanson, The Perfume Shop

A huge thank you to Tradedoubler for hosting our very first affiliates brand demonstration! It was really great to have the opportunity to introduce both Tradedoubler and some of our key publishers to The Perfume Shop brand and give them an introduction into the world of fragrance. We really enjoyed having the chance to share our expertise and to highlight all of our services and points of differentiation to help give everyone an understanding of who we are and how we can continue to drive The Perfume Shop affiliate programme.

Tradedoubler was very happy to be hosting The Perfume Shop brand day, especially 3 months after their migration to the network. Everyone has learnt so much about the brand and it has definitely helped to be immersed in their universe.

Thank you so much Lee, Hazel and Georgia for making this happen and all attendees for your time. Your expertise and passion have been contagious, and people were still excited about it days later… Lee was right when he mentioned that scent often refers to memory: the team will never forget your energy and this experience!



This brand day is just one example of how Tradedoubler support advertisers. We do focus on bringing advertisers and publishers together to grow everyone’s respective businesses and would love to host more events again the future. If you are an advertiser and would like to demo some of your products, please get in touch with your client development team at Tradedoubler.


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