Technology Updates: Tradedoubler PVN

Are you looking to have all of your programmes & websites in one platform, access to multiple tools and everything in your Corporate Identity? All of this is offered in the latest Tradedoubler technology through Tradedoubler PVN – the new version of our private network white-label solution!

Since our launch in September 2022, we have been continuously working on developing Tradedoubler PVN and adapting it even better to your needs so that you can manage your own affiliate network as efficiently and successfully as possible.

Here you will find an overview of all Tradedoubler PVN updates and new features from our development team:

UPDATE: Personalised Sign-Up and Login Pages


Now, you can customise Tradedoubler PVN even better for your CI! With the new update, you can customise your Publisher Sign-Up page and Login page.

Now, the Publisher Sign-Up page allows you to change the title and subtitle of the Sign-Up Page via Settings > Organisation Settings and add additional information.

The Login page now allows you to set different displays for different languages.

UPDATE: Export Matrix Report


The Matrix Report allows you to view a lot of valuable information about your performance on a daily basis and group it by programme or source. Now, you have the  abilityto export your Matrix reports as Excel, CSV or JSON files. Go to Reports > Matrix Report in the menu and click on the Export button after creating your Report.

UPDATE: Upload Publisher Lists


This new tool saves you valuable time, as you can upload full lists of publishers and add them to Tradedoubler PVN. Simply, go to the Publisher-Menu item and download our CSV file via the Upload-Publishers button. You can then fill this in with the publishers you want to add.

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