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Start with your tangible content

The HP Custom Content is a printing business powered by HP. The technology is using by creators, influencers and brands to create personalised prints. You can target each member of your global followers. You also revitalise your online presence and the community gets new added value. Through these new experiences, you build a closer connection with your global audience and tangible content.

It doesn`t matter what`s the topic of your channel. For example, it could be about fitness, health, cookbooks, study hacks, etc. The most important thing is your creative idea, which you want to present to your community in a tangible way.

Use by Influencer

The first one is Charlotte Emily Price, she is an influencer who reflects self-love in a great way – everyone is good and she wants to make that clear to her community. She uses the technology with her “Self Love Journal”. Anyone can create their journal online to document all their experiences, reflect on thoughts and get in touch with emotions. It is meant to help you to achieve all of your small and lifelong goals, and most importantly, it helps you fall in love with yourself.

The second one is Bartek, also known as LETSMUNCH. His world is cooking and creating new food, which he presents to his followers in a great way. To give the community tangible content, he created his cookbook called “Let`s Munch: The Chronicles” with the “HP Custom Content”. But it`s definitely not an ordinary cookbook, and that’s what makes the book unique. Each recipe comes with a QR code that takes you directly to the recipe video. So you can boogie along with Bartek.

Do you want to use this new tangible experience to build a closer connection with your community? Then get in touch with us and start your business with metapic >>

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