Influencer Marketing for your Summer Campaign

The summer is back – Consumers begin booking their holidays, and the active time of influencers begins now. That is the best time to start your Summer Campaign with content creators from the Metapic network!

Why Influencer Marketing during the Summer Season?

In addition to the traditional benefits of influencer marketing like reach, personality, credibility, storytelling, and creativity, this marketing channel is particularly successful in the Summer Season.

Who doesn’t know it? In Winter, it’s wet and cold, and you prefer to spend the whole day in your cozy home. It’s the same for influencers, but now is the time when content creators wake up from their hibernation and get inspired by the latest trends again. Also, the creation of content creation gets easier now. In addition, the active travel season begins, which means much more individual and creative content can be produced.

Create your Summer Campaign with Metapic


Metapic is an influencer network that allows brands to work with influencer marketing at scale. Metapic focuses on pure performance, which means you only pay when a transaction has been completed. Our offices are distributed all over Europe, which allows us to deliver influencer campaigns internationally.

Furthermore, Metapic offers additional engagement for you with summer topics that you can easily book to get more attention for your brand from the content creators of the Metapic network.

Use the active summer flow now!

Summer is just around the corner – So start now and inspire the content creators of your brand and products!

Our Metapic experts will be happy to advise you. Get in touch with us now >>

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