Our success factors for the year 2022

Performance all the way – that’s the motto for this year. In 2022, we want to increase your turnover again. Let us show you the most important success factors that are essential for the growth of your performance.

These are the success factors in 2022

Cashback and Couponing are Kings

Yes, it’s true – couponing and cashback partners are the strongest sales boosters. That is because they are focused on sales. With the right mix of partners and their varied application opportunities and promotions, every partner program is very well established and reaches success. In addition, we recommend all advertisers to increase their own visibility during peak times through additional placements.

Top of mind with Google CSS

Google CSS is now very well established and is an integral part of many professionally managed partner programs. No wonder because CSS is used to win customers to buy and to deliver traffic for niche products.

Content = Sale

Through promotions in a professional environment, you increase your awareness and reach. With targeted placements, advertorials, and content ads, you can address additional target groups and users, which will increase your conversions.

Word of Mouth & Awareness with Influencer Marketing

Recommendations are the oldest form of marketing, and they still work very well today. Every partner program benefits from building its own pool of brand ambassadors, who continuously place products in social posts and deliver a permanent stream of referral traffic. By using metapic, that can be done without much coordination via product feeds and smart tools that make content creation much easier.

Performance all the way

Through the right use of the variety of solutions that affiliate marketing offers, we provide you with good added value and help you to grow your affiliate programs. That is also clearly our focus in 2022.

Additionally, we are continuously expanding our portfolio for performance marketing solutions. Starting with premium media cooperations, social media partnerships like TikTok, influencer marketing with metapic, TD Programmatic, Search, App-Install, to customer service and win-back with loyalty, cashback, and remarketing.

We make performance marketing intelligent and diverse with our possibilities. Therefore get in touch with our experts and increase your business >>

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