Stay in touch with your users through remarketing affiliates


What are remarketing affiliates?

Remarketing affiliates are those who use email campaigns to reach users who have engaged with a website or added items to their shopping cart and left without buying. Usually, they include a discount to incentivise these users to complete the purchase.

Remarketing can also be used to cross-sell and upsell to an existing base of users who have previously agreed to receive information and emails from their favourite sources.


Is remarketing another word for retargeting?

While many use the two terms interchangeably, retargeting makes use of cookies or of a predefined list of encoded email addresses to show banners on publisher networks.

Remarketing works by sending email campaigns to website visitors.


Why partner with remarketing affiliates?

Remarketing affiliates play an instrumental role in nurturing users at different stages of the buying cycle. The average conversion rate on a website is about 2% 1, so it is crucial to stay on top of mind of your website visitors.

To maximise email open rates and eventually sales, remarketing affiliates are experts in segmenting users by interest, creating personalised content, and using effective call-to-actions in order to ensure that your prospective customer converts successfully.


What do you need to start working with remarketing affiliates?

As remarketing affiliates do the heavy lifting to bring your brand back in the attention of bounced users, it’s important to have a special offer they can use, in addition to your existing one. It can be anything from extra 10% off, a free product sample, free delivery.



1 – E-commerce conversion rate statistics

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