Singles Day vs. Black Friday

Black Friday has become an established event in many countries. Singles Day is also becoming more important for retailers. Both days are shopping events to increase sales. But what are the relevant differences? Are there any differences?

The comparison

The shopping days take place in November with only a short distance between them. Singles Day annually on the 11th of November and Black Friday on the last Friday in November. This brings up the question of whether companies should do discount promotions on both days? Or, whether the effort can be saved? We have analysed the Tradedoubler data from Europe to answer this question in detail.

Singles Day vs. Black Friday

Generally, sales are higher on Black Friday, but the growth rate for Singles Day is significantly higher. Singles Day is not yet used as a shopping event in most Tradedoubler countries, but it is becoming more and more popular every year as you can see. Black Friday, is already established in these countries, which means that the annual growth rate isn`t so high.

The industries

Again we have used the data from the Tradedoubler network, to show the industries on both days. These show that on Black Friday in Europe, “Shopping & Retail“, “Computers & Electronics” and “Fashion” are the strongest and have been for several years.

On Singles Day in Europe, it is also “Shopping & Retail“, but then “Games” and “Travel“. But a lot has happened in the last year: sales in “Computers & Electronics” have increased by 148 % and in “Fashion” by 104 %. This suggests that Singles Day will be very similar to Black Friday.

The most popular affiliate marketing types

Another important indicator to compare both days are the most popular affiliate marketing types in Europe. The Tradedoubler network shows that on Black Friday and Singles Day the types “Cashback/Loyalty” and “Coupons” or “Discount-codes/-deals” are the most suitable.

Which Shopping Day is the best?

In conclusion, both days are very local for retailers and increase sales. The shopping days in November can be the month with the highest sales in the year. But it should be noted that Singles Day is not yet as popular with retailers in some countries as Black Friday, but is used more and more every year because the advantages dominate. Clients like to take advantage of both days as they can successfully save money on their first Christmas presents.

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