Singles Day – The steps for preparation

11th November is coming closer and with it this year´s Singles Day. Preparations for this shopping event should begin now. What should you keep in mind and how exactly should you proceed?

The steps for the PUBLISHER

1. The planning
In order to be able to offer advertisers a good deal on Singles Day, the first thing to plan is how many places are available and in which form advertisers can communicate.
2. The details
The second step is the exact planning. Here, the number of placements with the conditions and formats for the Singles Day must be defined. In addition, packages with discounts can also be offered for this shopping event. The information is then given to the experts at Tradedoubler, who use it to create a “media kit” for the advertisers.

3. The way to the advertiser
If an advertiser has decided to book a placement with you, you will receive the necessary information from your Tradedoubler contact. Tradedoubler will take care of setting up the advertising and creating the contracts. In addition, you will also receive access to our interface, where you can always get an exact overview and be able to make analyses. If you need separate reporting, this is also a service of Tradedoubler.

The steps for the ADVERTISER

1. The planning
The idea already starts with the planning. The first step should be to consider which products should be communicated with which offers and how.

2. Creation of the advertising material
Once the idea is in place it can be implemented. Publishers usually use standard formats, so the advertising material can be created in advance. To differentiate your products on Singles Day, it is important to have high quality content which is supported by graphic material. Afterwards the experts at Tradedoubler can use your prepared information to find suitable publishers.
3. The way to the publisher
In the next step you will be advised on the conditions and individual possibilities with the help of Tradedoubler’s “media kits”. After your “go”, your Tradedoubler contact will take care of the complete setting of your advertising and the creation of the contracts. You will also receive access to our interface, where you can make analyses. If you need separate reporting, this is also a Tradedoubler service.

Have you successfully completed these steps?
Then you can look forward to 11th November and enjoy the sales-booster.

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