Prepare for Single’s Day and Cyber Week now!


Single’s Day and Cyber Week are on the door step and advertisers and publishers should plan their campaigns now. If you want to get a piece of the cake, you need to hurry up! Key dates in 2019 are:

  • Single’s Day: November 11
  • Black Friday: November 29
  • Cyber Monday: December 2


Don’t miss out Single’s Day!

Last year Single’s Day has fully arrived in Europe! The tradition of celebrating the pride in being single on November 11 came from China. The date 11/11 was chosen because the number “1” resembles an individual who is alone. Over the past years Single’s Day has become one of the largest online and offline shopping days in the world. At Tradedoubler we generated 58% more order value for our customers on Single’s Day 2018 than in 2017. We are confident, that in 2019 this trend will continue, so don’t miss out this important shopping event!


Singles Day


Deals start earlier before Black Friday

Cyber Week 2018, as well, showed record results for Tradedoubler. While order value on Black Friday 2018 itself didn’t increase YOY, we saw that consumer shopping activities started substantially earlier and during the whole Cyber Week increased by 23% YOY across Europe. Especially strong growth was noted on day 2 and 3 prior to Black Friday. So consider this fact in your Cyber Week planning!


Black Friday


Which industries benefit most

In 2018 we saw significant growth again in order value of Shopping & Retail, as well as in Computer & Electronics – traditionally the strongest segments on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Interesting observation last year: Fashion, still the third strongest industry in Black Friday sales, has declined by 20%, but Travel has catched up quickly, showing a strong growth of more than 40% and becoming the third strongest industry in Cyber Monday sales!


Black Friday


Black Friday and Cyber Monday remained the most significant seasonal business drivers for Retail, Fashion and Computer & Electronics across Europe. When you compare the order value of these special days to the order value of an average day in 2018, the numbers are breath-taking, especially for Electronics: The order value on Black Friday 2018 was almost 1.500% of the one on an average day in 2018!


Black Friday


So overall we saw a substantial increase of the affiliate marketing business during the year-end shopping events of 2018 and are sure this will be replicated in 2019! So make sure to get a piece of the cake and get in touch with your Account Manager at Tradedoubler today to plan your campaigns. Happy selling to all our advertisers, agencies and publishers!

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