That was Singles Day 2021

Singles Day was a real success. It broke records again and continued its rising popularity. The Chinese shopping event already has more than 70 % of the sales potential of Cyber Monday worldwide.

A look at the Tradedoubler network on Singles Day 2021

The figures of the Tradedoubler network show the spread of Singles Day. With more and more e-commerce retailers using this shopping event to boost their sales, Singles Day is expected to continue to grow in the future.

Sales and Order Value

The Sales and the OrderValue increase again with a growth of +30% in “Sales” and +15% in “Order Value“.

*Singles Day 2021 Sales and Order Value YoY from TD-countries and their increase


In 2021, the most successful Industries are “Fashion” and “Shopping and Retail“. That is the same as in 2020. Therefore these Industries are likely to consolidate for Singles Day. And again the numbers are higher than last year.

*the best Industries on Singles Day 2021 from all TD-countries and their increase

Affiliate Marketing Types

A look at the Affiliate Marketing Types shows that “Cashback/Loyalty” and “Coupon/ Discount-codes/-deals” are the best performing verticals. Another focus should be placed on “Display“. That had a high growth of +3.016% in Order Value. So we recommend that you should focus on these three Affiliate Marketing Types on Singles Day 2022.

*Singles Day 2021 Order Value of Affiliate Marketing Types from all TD-countries

Don`t forget: “After discounts are before discounts! On 26th November is Black Friday.
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