Shopping & Retail Trend Report first half of 2019

Across Europe we saw a stable growth in the Shopping & Retail industry during the first half of 2019. Number of Sales increased by 58% YOY and order value by 7%.


Shopping % Retail


While the AOV in Shopping & Retail declined from 72 € in 2018 to 49 € in 2019 across Europe, some countries stepped out: In the UK AOV increased by 17% to now 123 € and in Spain it remained stable at the record level of 130 €. The conversion rate increased by remarkable 82% to the excellent value of 3,1% across Europe. Mobile sales decreased from 22% in 2018 to 16% in 2019. Record holder in mobile sales remains Sweden with 52% and a slight increase of 10% YOY.


Shopping & Retail


Power shoppers come from Poland!

The biggest player in H1 2019 in the Shopping & Retail industry was Poland with an increase of 28% YOY, now accounting for more than 40% of the whole European order value in this segment!


Shopping & Retail


Cashback/Loyalty is leaving the others behind

Looking at the publisher models across Europe, the top seller at the beginning of 2019 remained Cashback/Loyalty (38%) and Coupon/Discount codes (20%), but just Cashback/Loyalty was able to increase their order value substantially by 22% YOY. Coupon/Discount codes on the contrary decreased by 17%.  Price comparison sites and Vertical sites now both account for 8% and were both able to increase their order value around 30% YOY to try and catch up.


Shopping & Retails


In the main markets the split of publisher models are slightly different. Here’s a view on the top 3 publisher models by key market with their respective shares and changes YOY.


Poland Cashback: 52% (+46% ) Coupons: 13% (-19%) Vertical sites: 8% (+63%)
UK Cashback: 34% (-9%) Coupons: 30% (+12%) Price comp: 10% (+15%)
France Cashback: 29% (-3%) Coupons: 25% (-21%) Vertical sites: 16%(+104%)
Sweden Cashback: 40% (-17%) Coupons: 18% (-11%) Vertical sites: 12% (-14%)
Germany Coupons: 29% (-36%) Cashback: 28% (+117%) Reward: 12% (-54%)



Key facts for Shopping & Retail across Europe at a glance:


Shopping & Retail

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