Our new pricing model focusing on your performance and success


Our new pricing model focuses solely on your performance! With this switch, we take even more care of increasing your revenue and achieving the maximum growth of your business.

Affiliate marketing has several unique benefits like high scalability through new partnerships, no upfront investment before starting a campaign, or most importantly high transparency and low risk as commissions are only paid for predefined goals, like the order in your online shop.

These very clear and target-oriented parameters make performance marketing so attractive. Now we want to offer you the same simplicity with our new pricing model purely based on what’s important to you: Revenue!


Your benefits:


How it works:


Do you want to switch your program to a simplified pricing scheme? Please get in touch with your Tradedoubler contact or contact us through our form for further information. We’ll get back to you shortly!

Your Tradedoubler experts team

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