The secrets of Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising is an established performance marketing channel, commanding large budgets. However, it is impossible to cover every angle effectively and that is where SEA via affiliates can ensure advertisers their campaigns are optimised and as effective as they can be. The goal of course is not only clicks; but an effective incremental Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).

Search engine marketing (SEM) in affiliate marketing

Traffic is bought by publishers through advertisements in search engines. The landing page is the publisher’s website with the affiliate link or a direct link to the website where the purchase is to be made. SEA has a high conversion rate because advertisers know not only the key words consumers are searching for but can also measure the current trend (finger on the pulse), as it shifts at any given time. It is important, that advertisers and publishers work closely together to monitor the efficiency of the campaigns. Tradedoubler has worked closer with SEA directly and understands what partners are best placed at any given time.

search engine advertising

The possibilities in search engine advertising (SEA)

Affiliate marketing is based on a performance model. Absorbing SEA in to this channel means that the publisher must arbitrage any cost, ensuring that the advertiser still pays on a CPA.  This means with most profits from brand are funneled into optimising and learning how to make the generic base convert. Something that traditional SEA channels cannot do so easily.

It is true that the CPA needs to be premium and to some extent higher, but the payoff is better conversion that will impact your businesses ROAS and incremental growth.

SEA in affiliate demonstrates how versatile the channel is, allowing learnings and fostering real understanding in consumer trends. All businesses will take the road to the easiest revenue fix, SEA in affiliate allows brands to realise long term consumer trends not only in their core mix but in large niche markets.

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