Record Results for Single’s Day 2019

Over the past years, Single’s Day has become one of the largest online and offline shopping days in the world. At Tradedoubler we have now analyzed our final numbers and generated 57% more order value for our customers on Single’s Day 2019 than in 2018 and even 144% more OV compared to 2017.


Singles Day 20172019


Comparing Single’s Day to an average day in 2019 the importance of that day became even more apparent. In nearly every country across Europe, we saw a substantial increase in order value (+62%).




AOV across all industries grew by nearly 10% YOY to 56 EUR. Mobile Sales on Single’s Day increased by +22,4% YOY and took a moderate 18% share of number of sales generated across all industries. Smartphone AOV increased by +34% YOY to 79 EUR.


These Countries in Europe showed the best results

The highest growth in order value compared to 2018 can be seen in Italy, Poland and Spain. Power shoppers came from Italy with an increased OV of +270% YOY! All in all, Single’s Day 2019 was successful in most countries and recorded an average growth of +57% YOY!


ChangeOV_Singles Day


Taking a look at the share by country of the global OV, Poland held the largest share of 29% of the total generated OV, followed by the UK (14%) and Sweden (11%).




Shopping on smartphones is becoming more and more popular. Very interesting observation: In some countries, the AOV on Smartphones was even higher than the overall AOV covering all devices! As a result, Smartphone AOV across all countries was at 79 EUR whilst AOV covering all devices was at 56 EUR. Interestingly, among some of the best-performing countries the Smartphone AOV was lower than the AOV, e.g. for the UK and France.




In general, Smartphone AOV grew by +34% YOY – Italy achieved remarkable growth of +309% in Smartphone AOV YOY!


Which industries benefit the most

Taking a look at the highest order value Shopping & Retail and Travel are on the forefront, followed by Computers & Electronics and Fashion.




Shopping & Retail provided the highest number of sales and accounted for 51% of the number of sales across all industries. OV increased by +77% YOY. Shopping & Retail generated the highest number of sales on Single’s Day 2019 compared to the other industries and grew by 68% YOY, while Mobile Sales remained relatively stable. Smartphone AOV increased by +104% to remarkable 120 EUR, in comparison the AOV remained relatively stable at 37 EUR. The biggest player on Single’s Day 2019 in the Shopping & Retail industry was Poland with an increased OV of +250% YOY! In Poland, this vertical is extremely strong and accounts for 83% of the total number of sales, followed by Germany (56%) and Italy (50%).

Shopping & Retail at a glance:



Travel provided the second-highest OV (with +49% OV growth YOY) and accounted for 20% of OV across all industries. Whilst the number of sales slightly declined in comparison to Single’s Day 2018, Mobile Sales grew by a remarkable 46% YOY. Interestingly, Travel reached a much higher Smartphone AOV, being 90% higher than AOV across all devices! Most important markets for the industry: the UK, France and Poland.

Travel at a glance:



Computer & Electronics increased their OV by 26% YOY. Whilst AOV and Smartphone AOV decreased by 15% YOY, we saw a growth in number of sales (+48% YOY) and mobile sales (+26% YOY). Most important markets for the industry were e.g. the Netherlands (42% of total OV in the Netherlands) closely followed by Spain (39%).

Computer & Electronics at a glance:

Computer_Singles Day


In the Fashion Industry, we saw a significant growth of +53% OV YOY across Europe and consequently an upward trend for the industry on Single’s Day! The significant growth of number of sales (+50% YOY) and mobile sales (+47% YOY) showed the emerging importance of the industry on Single’s Day. AOV and Smartphone AOV remained relatively stable at around 70 EUR. Once again the Nordic countries had the strongest impact on the OV of the industry: in Denmark 52% of the total OV across all industries was generated in Fashion, followed by Norway (37%) and Sweden (24%).

Fashion at a glance:



Best publisher model

Taking a look at the publisher models across Europe, the top seller Cashback/Loyalty clearly extended their lead 2019 with an impressive increase in OV of +44% YOY and accounted for 27% of the total OV of all models across Europe. Coupon/Discount-codes/deals still grew their OV by +29% and third party technology by an impressive +312%!


Bestpublisher_Singles Day


Going into the details:

Cashback/Loyalty showed an increased OV by 44% YOY and provided the highest number of sales amongst all publisher models (37% of number of sales across all publisher models were generated by Cashback/Loyalty). Smartphone AOV and Mobile Sales both grew by remarkable +30% YOY. The AOV for Cashback/Loyalty remained relatively stable at 41 EUR. The most important markets for that publisher model were France, Germany, Sweden, and the UK. The Cashback/Loyalty model worked particularly well in the Shopping & Retail industry (+32% OV YOY): Cashback/Loyalty achieved the highest OV compared to the other publishing models in the industry with a 32% share of the total OV. Other important industries were e.g. Fashion (+113% YOY) and Travel (+23% YOY).

Cashback/Loyalty at a glance:



Coupon/Discount codes increased their OV by 29% YOY and provided the second-highest number of sales. AOV and Smartphone AOV remained relatively stable, however number of Sales increased by 21% YOY and Mobile Sales by 31% YOY. The most important markets for that publisher model were Poland, Sweden and the UK. Additionally, Coupon/Discount codes had a great impact on the OV for the following industries: Shopping & Retail (+24% YOY), Health & Beauty (+65% YOY) and Fashion – needing to be emphasized with a remarkable increased OV by +220% YOY!

Coupon/Discount codes at a glance:



Third-party technology, price comparison sites and vertical sites all accounted for 7-9%. Whereas third party technology and price comparison sites increased their order value around 60% YOY, vertical sites slightly decreased by 11%. Reward, on the other hand, increased their OV by remarkable 144% YOY and Smartphone AOV by +604% YOY!


Quick Facts Single’s Day 2019:




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