Record results for Cyber Week across Europe


Tradedoubler’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday showed very good results again across Europe! Deals started earlier this year and will most likely last until next week. Compared to 2017 the order value for Cyber Week (Cyber Monday and the 7 days prior) was up by 23% and the number of sales by 30%. While last year a big increase in order value was noted on Black Friday, this year the days around Black Friday showed higher growth than November 23 itself. Especially strong were day 2 and 3 prior to Black Friday.

A very interesting observation concerns conversion rates. Compared to last year the overall number of clicks on Black Friday and Cyber Monday went down, but sales increased, so the conversion rates rose from 0,8% to 2,5% on Cyber Weekend, while an average day in 2018 just shows a conversion rate of 1,3%.


Black Friday


Mobile is still on the rise across Europe and reached a level of 28% this year (+6%). The average order value on Smartphones increased by 17%. Interesting to note was the rise of sales on Android devices. While last year around 55% of mobile sales still happened on iPhones and iPads, this year it was just 45%.


Which countries in Europe show the best results

Highest growth in order value compared to 2017 has been achieved in Switzerland (+82%), Poland (+54%), Italy (+33%), the Netherlands (+28%) and Germany (+25%).



In terms of mobile sales many markets are catching up with the early adopters. The biggest increase in this year’s mobile sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday compared to 2017 has been achieved in Poland (+60%) and Italy (+58%), followed by France (+48%) and Spain (+43%). Sweden was the first country to reach 50% in mobile sales on Cyber Monday.




The European average order value for 2018 so far is 69 €. On Black Friday 2018 it reached an almost identical level as previous year of 111 €. The top three countries were:




Shopping on smartphones is becoming more and more popular. The average order value on smartphones rose to a global average of 106 € on Black Friday and 93 € on Cyber Monday. Very interesting observation: In some countries the AOV on Smartphones is now higher than the overall AOV covering all devices!




Which industries benefit most

We saw significant growth again in order value of Shopping & Retail, as well as in Computer & Electronics, traditionally the strongest segments on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Interesting observation this year: Fashion, still the third strongest industry on Black Friday, has declined by 20%, but Travel is catching up quickly, showing a strong growth of more than 40% and becoming the third strongest industry on Cyber Monday!




Black Friday and Cyber Monday remain to be the most significant seasonal business drivers for Retail, Fashion and Computer & Electronics across Europe. When you compare the order value of these special days to the order value of an average day in 2018 the numbers are breathtaking, especially for Electronics: The order value on Black Friday is almost 1.500% of the one on an average day in 2018!




When looking at the average order value, again the Computer & Electronics segment, as well as the Shopping & Retail segment benefited the most of these seasonal shopping events.




All the above numbers have been raised on November 28 and might not yet include all sales that has been realized during Cyber Week, as some sales is still being processed. If we see a significant change by the beginning of December, we will update the numbers.

During the next couple of days, we will release some further insights into different industries and different markets on our social media channels. Watch this space!


Key facts at a glance:


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