Successful summer sales campaign

The Summer sales should be marked in every marketing calendar. Because with this shopping event, you can achieve goals such as new customer acquisition, customer retention, and increase sales. With Tradedoubler PVN, (private virtual network) for perfect partner management, you can make your summer sales campaign even more successful.

Why should I use Tradedoubler PVN?

The best way to get the most out of your summer sale, is to find the right partner for your campaign. With Tradedoubler PVN, it is much easier to find someone you need. Our white label partner management solution is developed to add and manage the whole of advertiser or publisher activity. And it is equipped with features starting with publisher commission setting to product level tracking, managing ads, and more.

How will Tradedoubler PVN make summer sales easier for me?

If you are a business, you will have many programs within your summer sales campaign. That can take up a lot of time and cause you to lose track. To avoid these issues, Tradedoubler PVN allows you to easily update your publishers with new commissions and send new material directly. 

Especially as a communication or marketing agency, you know how essential summer sales are ,and by that we mean “a lot of work” But the branded platforms of your advertisers from Tradedoubler PVN make it easy to upload the new banners and update the new commissions in time for summer sales. At the same time, your publishers can be informed, join the right programs, and start earning in just a few steps.

Manage your summer sales campaign now!

Do you want to benefit from the advantages of a partner management solution? No problem! Start your summer sales campaign now with Tradedoubler PVN. Contact us, and our experts will be happy to help you >>

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