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RevLifter is an eCommerce platform that allows brands to deliver hyper-personalized content to their users. In this interview, Clément Bourguignon, Senior Business Development Manager, presents the advantages of the partnership with RevLifter.


Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Clément Bourguignon and I work as a Senior Business Development Manager at RevLifter. I joined the company in early 2021 and am focused on developing our activities on the French market. This leads me to work closely with Tradedoubler to offer our solutions to French advertisers when relevant.


Can you introduce RevLifter? What`s the story and the core business value behind RevLifter?

RevLifter is an eCommerce technology platform that makes every deal and offer intelligent.

We enable any brand to deliver hyper-personalized incentives and content to every customer at a 1-2-1 level. Through a combination of AI, hyper-personalization, data, algorithms, and cutting-edge UX and design, we’re revolutionizing the entire deal-serving process to put customers and goals at the center of it – where they truly belong.

We were founded because, as we all know, every customer is different but they all see the same deals and offers. RevLifter allows brands to deliver tailored offers at the right moments to create better outcomes. Also, thanks to our advanced segmentation, those brands also have a way of ensuring that everything aligns with their goals for average order values (AOV), conversion rates, margin, new customers, and more.

As an example of this in practice, a repeat customer might receive tailored product recommendations to upsell and cross-sell on their existing cart. Someone who just hit CTRL-C to copy a product name to compare prices on Amazon could see a tempting offer to purchase then and there. Going even more granular, maybe it’s raining in my location. RevLifter can tailor the offer to my specific conditions, for example, by offering discounts on umbrellas.

The idea is to use behavioral and contextual data to create messages and offers that satisfy each customer while driving the retailer’s unique goals. We work with several of the world’s biggest brands like ASOS, Uniqlo, HP or Currys PC World. Clients see an average conversion rate increase of 30% and a 20% boost to AOV within a year of working with us.


What does the partnership with Tradedoubler mean to RevLifter?

    Working with Tradedoubler is a key for us as we are developing our French sales activity. RevLifter and Tradedoubler have been working together for many years in other markets, and it seemed obvious for us to extend our partnership in France.

    Tradedoubler works with many advertisers for which our solutions are relevant and add value. It’s therefore easier for us to offer those solutions to them, through discussions with Account Managers and thanks to the various events being organised.


    Tell us more about your technology and what types of advertisers do you work best with?

      The RevLifter platform enables you to deliver hyper-personalized deals and content across the entire customer journey. Our two key solutions are:

      • RevPage, which creates a hyper-personalized deals page on your website for every customer. This provides a better branded, more controllable, and lower cost option to traditional coupon sites.

      • RevConvert, which delivers hyper-personalized deals to customers throughout your eCommerce store through subtle, fully-branded overlays and in-line formats.

      RevLifter can work for any brand across any vertical. Even with retailers who don’t discount, we have ways of incentivizing purchases through free delivery incentives, eGift cards, and more. Our top-performing categories are fashion/apparel, accessories and jewelry, electronics, home goods, office and school products, sporting goods, telecom, DTC, and luxury.


      Do advertisers need anything specific to work with RevLifter? What are the benefits for advertisers working with RevLifter? 

      RevLifter couldn’t be easier to launch and use. All you need is an online store, multiple products or deals and incentives programs, and generally 100,000 uniques or more every month. Lower traffic is OK for high AOV properties. There is no need to change your site thanks to our lightweight integration, and tracking can take place through the Tradedoubler platform.

      We are paid on performance and provide both full implementation and ongoing optimization services. Most brands start by deploying one or two strategies and solutions, like a RevPage or a “stretch and save” on-site offer, before expanding their use of the platform to get even more from it. Every program also includes scientific incrementality measurement so you can show your boss how much extra revenue you’ve driven.


      What are the latest developments in the couponing market/ couponing strategy?

        Firstly, most brands are becoming concerned with how deals and coupons are affecting their margins. So much of the online coupon infrastructure encourages brands to go bigger and bigger with their offers. If you’re selling online, your customers will always be targeted by competitor promotions. If one of your rivals decides to increase their discounts, you must follow. It’s a race to the bottom.

        In some parts of the world, especially in the US and some markets in Asia, practically every purchase is discounted. That’s why so many companies are focusing on ways to create bespoke discount experiences at an individual level, so you can offer exactly the right amount to drive a profitable, incremental purchase.

        The other key movement we see is companies changing the requirements for deals. Store-wide 25% off discounts can crush your margins. But a 25% offer might work if you could increase the basket size by 50%, or sell high-margin goods. Again, the megatrend sees brands moving away from blanket discounts and toward personalized incentives that better satisfy customers and brands. It means more purchases, bigger carts, more loyalty, and better relationships.


        Do you have any upcoming promotions, new launches, or exciting news you would like to share?

        One new tool we are very excited about is called Error Code Offers. Many consumers search for voucher codes to reduce the cost of their shopping basket. But often, the codes they find online on voucher and other sites are expired, or even fraudulent. The customer isn’t intending to defraud you — they don’t know the offers are invalid, they just want a good deal. Store platforms can easily block the submission of invalid codes, but according to eConsultancy, 46% of shoppers abandon carts immediately when they get an error message. Likely out of frustration, and disappointment.

          Error Code offers from RevLifter delivers a small “consolation” discount to give the customer a sense that they can still get a good deal, even if their steep discount offer code isn’t accepted. Data from many clients is showing that you can prevent many of these abandons by politely delivering a small consolation offer at the moment of error code detection.

          It’s a game-changer for the affiliate space and an incredibly effective way of driving more and more profitable conversions. For more information about Error Code Offers and everything we do, you can visit our brand new site, talk to your Tradedoubler account manager,or request a demo.


          A big thank you to Clément Bourguignon for this amazing interview!

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