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Publishers: How to get commission payments faster and cut out bank fees

Publishers based outside of the EU are subjected to high fees when receiving money across borders, due to outdated and expensive SWIFT payments. Quick and cost efficient payments are important to our network of global publishers, which is why we partnered with Payoneer, a leading online payments platform. Our 180,000 affiliates no longer need to rely on expensive SWIFT payments, which (ironically) aren’t always swift to be deposited.


SWIFT explained

The most common and longest standing way of getting paid across borders is by SWIFT payments (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), which was established back in 1973.  This outdated process is the snail mail of the financial world.

SWIFT was established to move money around the world because most local banks don’t have relationships with banks in other countries and therefore require ‘correspondent banks’ to help them communicate and move money to other countries. Put simply, SWIFT is a system that the banks use to tell each other what they have done and what they want the other banks to do with a transaction.


This is what happens when we send your publisher commission earnings to you via SWIFT

TD Swift+Payoneer Diagrams_v5_pound_FINAL_web_EN

  1. Tradedoubler sends money to its local bank, called the initiating bank.
  2. The initiating bank sends money to correspondent bank in country no.1.
  3. Correspondent bank in country no.1 takes a fee and sends the money to correspondent bank in country no.2.
  4. Correspondent bank in country no.2 takes a fee and sends the money to a receiving bank in the country where the publisher is based.
  5. The receiving bank in the publisher’s local country also takes a fee and the remaining funds are deposited in the publisher’s bank account.

Not a simple process. What’s more, this situation is not unique. 80% of cross-border wire transfers rely on correspondent banking arrangements, such as the one described above.


What does this mean for publishers?

  • SWIFT transactions are expensive, costing €10/ £8/ $15 for each transaction plus additional intermediary and payment landing fees, which are not known up-front
  • The final amount publishers receive in their local currency will differ according to country and the correspondent banks in the payment chain
  • The time it takes for funds to settle will also differ, depending on the country and the correspondent banks and takes, on average, 1-3 business days but this can take more than 10 days
  • There’s no visibility regarding the status of a payment and when it is likely to be deposited


Tradedoubler’s international payment solution, powered by Payoneer

The international payment solution benefits publishers based outside of the EU. Receiving payments via Payoneer’s platform offers a more transparent, faster and low cost way to receive commission payments.

TD Swift+Payoneer Diagrams - global payments_FINAL_web_EN

  1. Tradedoubler sends funds to Payoneer.
  2. Tradedoubler instructs Payoneer to transfer specific amounts to each publisher.
  3. Using its network of local banks, Payoneer transfers the exact amount of money to each publisher, in their local currency, into to their local bank account.


Benefits for publishers

  • Low cost: Transfer costs are cheaper as less banks are taking a cut
  • Transparent: Costs are fully disclosed up-front, costing just $3 per transaction and a 1.5%-2% conversion fee, so publishers know exactly how much to expect to receive
  • Fast: Payments are much quicker (one business day in most cases, compared to three or more days via SWIFT)
  • Supported: Know when your payment is transmitted with email notifications and 24/7 customer care
  • Organised: Payments from Tradedoubler programmes with multiple currencies are consolidated into one currency
  • Smooth: Inefficiencies and unknowns inherent in SWIFT transfers are avoided


Sign up today to get faster transactions and lower exchange rates

  1. Login to your Tradedoubler account using your username and password.
  2. Go to Account menu in the top level navigation and select Payment Information.
  3. On the Payment Information page change the Payment Provider from Tradedoubler to Payoneer.
  4. Enter your password and click Save.
  5. Complete your contact details on the Payoneer Bank Transfer Setup page and follow the instructions to setup your account.