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How publishers can benefit from Cross Device Tracking

The increasing use of mobiles in the shopping process is leading to more cross-device consumer behaviour, mainly because, although mobile is a favoured device to research purchases, 80% of consumers prefer to purchase on a laptop or desktop device. According to our latest research, two fifths of Europe’s online purchases involve multiple devices and consumers are spending more time researching purchases on their mobile than any other device.

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Our study of almost 5,000 European consumers revealed that 43% of consumers claim their mobile has changed the way they shop. If publishers ignore the fact that visitors’ purchase journeys happen across multiple devices, tracking will never be accurate, but more importantly, they won’t be rewarded for all of the sales generated.

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Cross-device behaviour causes a problem when tracking sales. When consumers move between devices, and especially when a mobile phone is one of the devices involved, the ability to tracking the user’s purchase journey can be lost. This results in an incomplete user journey and untracked or misassigned sales.

As cross-device behaviour increases, untracked and misassigned sales will increasingly effect publisher revenues. We estimate that publishers without a cross-device tracking solution in place are missing, on average, 7% of sales. For mobile focused publishers, this could be even higher.

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The most accurate cross-device tracking occurs when a publisher’s members need to login to its website (with social login or using an email address), and deterministic matching technology is used to link users with their devices. Other solutions that use probabilistic matching to track cross-device behaviour are less effective — as little as 60% accurate.

To make sure the publishers in our network earn a commission for every sale, our European market leading Cross Device Tracking solution accurately tracks multi-device purchases by creating an anonymous connection between users and their digital devices. All data is anonymised, so no personally identifiable information is collected.

The insights gathered from Cross Device Tracking provide publishers with a full view of their users’ online behaviour, which they can use to optimise ad placement and investment across different devices, based on accurate conversion data.

Technical implementation is easy: the click tag needs to be amended to add the user ID as an extra parameter. Full instructions can be found here. Once implemented, publishers will benefit from an uplift in commission straight away.