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Do you want to work with the fastest growing fintech in Europe? In three years, Zilch has grown to more than 3.5 million customers and generated brands over £1bn in annual sales. Learn in our interview with Sarah Holland, Sales & Partnerships Manager at Zilch, about how to become a partner of Zilch, and get more information about our publisher.

Sarah Holland - zilch
Sarah Holland, Sales and Partnerships Manager, Zilch


Can you introduce Zilch? What’s the story and the business value?

Zilch is a pioneering direct-to-consumer credit provider and advertising technology platform with a vision to eliminate the cost of consumer credit. For good.

Today Zilch is revolutionising the $50 trillion advertising and payments industries by merging the very best of debit, credit, and savings.

Zilch begins with a virtual Mastercard which all customers receive for free and can use, in-store and online, to pay on debit and receive up to 5% in Zilch rewards when they Pay Now, or to Pay over Six Weeks (via credit) for 0% interest, with no hidden fees. This virtual card combines the zero-interest, zero-fee cash flow management of paying in instalments, with the rewards and built-in consumer protections associated with an old-fashioned credit card. The Zilch card can be used at any merchant where Mastercard is accepted, online or in-store – some 38 million outlets worldwide.

This is made possible by Zilch’s proprietary Ad-Subsidised-Payments-Network (ASPN), which enables retailers around the world to connect directly with the millions of Zilch customers with buying power and intent to spend.

In addition, Zilch gains valuable first-party data insights into customer spending behaviour, improving ad targeting and conversion rates. With conversion rates of up to 55% (compared to the industry average of 2%-10% for traditional forms of digital advertising) and 7% product return rates (compared to the typical ecommerce range of 20-30%), ASPN’s performance far outpaces traditional digital advertising, proving Zilch’s significant impact in the fintech, retail and advertising industries.

What types of retailers are you looking for and why?

Zilch customers can spend anywhere Mastercard is accepted, which is nearly 38 million locations worldwide. Our customers pay with Zilch  on average 100 times per year, a metric that’s consistently rising, with some returning customers using Zilch to pay over  360x annually.  

It’s this ubiquity that means Zilch works with all brands across all sectors including grocery, travel, fashion and food and drink.

Are you looking at the affiliate market abroad?

Zilch currently operates in the UK and the US, with plans for international expansion in the future.

What are your payment models?

CPA and a wide range of Tenancy opportunities including targeted push notifications, in-app roadblocks, newsletters using Zilch first party data as well as a whole heap of targeted Storefront placements.


What are the advantages when a retailer enters into a partnership with Zilch?

In creating ASPN, Zilch has attracted over 3.5 million registered customers and has seen thousands of retailers reallocate their advertising spend away from clicks and impressions to a payments platform that only charges for sales.

With more than £1 billion in commerce having been transacted through the platform, plus access to open banking data, Zilch has an abundance of up-to-date transactional data that helps up personalise and target customers with the right brands. Combined with giving customers access to credit and empowering them with buying power, Zilch has industry leading conversions rates at over 55%. This results in the highest levels of ROAS for brands engaging with Zilch.


Do you have any exciting plans for Black Friday?

Absolutely This Black Friday, we have some incredibly exciting plans lined up. We have the Best of Zilch Campaign, which is a dynamic event featuring a curated selection of brands showcased across our platform. During specific time slots customers will have the opportunity to ‘Shop Black Friday deals with X’ fee free and 5% Rewards and stand a chance to receive a refund on their purchase. It’s an exclusive opportunity for the brands involved, providing them with a paid-for platform to showcase their offerings and engage with our millions of customers whilst giving back to the customer.

We’ll also be rolling out a host of targeted features. We’ll have a dedicated Storefront Category, ensuring that customers can easily navigate and discover the best Black Friday deals. Moreover, our Product-led push notifications will keep users informed about the latest and most exciting offers. We’re also incorporating In-App pop-ups to create a seamless shopping experience, ensuring that users don’t miss out on any exceptional deals. Lastly, we’re sending out themed newsletters packed with irresistible offers, all of which will be strategically tailored using Zilch First Party Data.

All these features and promotions will be available within the two weeks surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday, from the 20th of November to the 3rd of December.

Any interested brands who want to be involved should contact us as soon as possible to check availability.

What is the development plan of Zilch in view of Performance Marketing with Tradedoubler?

· Launch new brands
· Optimise existing partnerships
· Use our first party data to improve campaign performance
· Improve tracking rates
· Increase spend with brands with new Zilch initiatives. Look out for a new feature launching in January.

Firstly, we’re gearing up to introduce even more brands to ASPN, expanding our offerings to provide even more choices for our customers.

We’re also focusing on optimising our existing partnerships to ensure that our campaigns are as effective and impactful as possible. We recognise the value of our current relationships with our thousands of brands and are committed to maximizing their potential.

Furthermore, leveraging our valuable first-party data will be a cornerstone of our strategy. This data will be instrumental in refining our campaigns, enabling us to better target and engage with our audience.

Improving tracking rates is key aspect of the plan. We understand the importance of accurate and reliable tracking for both our brand partners and our customers. This enhancement will further enhance the transparency and effectiveness of our campaigns.

Moreover, we’re set to increase our spending with brands that align with the new initiatives being introduced by Zilch. This strategic approach will not only bolster our partnerships but also lead to more dynamic and engaging campaigns.

Finally, keep an eye out for an exciting new feature launching in January. This will undoubtedly bring a fresh dimension to our Performance Marketing efforts, offering even more value to our customers and brand partners alike.

A big thank you to Sarah for this very informative Interview.

Do you want to establish a partnership with Zilch? Don’t hesitate to contact us >>

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