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Do you want to increase your conversion rate and your basket value? Then is the right partner for you! Learn more in our interview with David Goy, CEO & Co-Founder!



Can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us what you mainly have to do at

I am CEO and Co-Founder of and responsible for the strategy and success of the company. Until the founding of, I was Head of Online Marketing for Fashion & Lifestyle Brands. While managing the affiliate channel, I gained valuable specialist knowledge and built up a strong network. The idea to found came from my desire for more control over the customer journey and branding.

Can you introduce to us? is a deal management platform that offers various products around vouchers and promotions that allow online shops to keep all control of their brand on the voucher market – simply and automatically.

The bestseller is our white-label platform, which allows brands to run their voucher site. 100% CI compliant & 100% control over all offers & content.
Best of all: Your voucher page gets the top ranking on Google – up to 4 slots!

The advantage is that consumers aren’t distracted by competing offers or abandon the purchase due to expired promotions. They find their way back to the checkout process, and the conversion rate usually doubles.

publisher spotlight vchfy


What makes an exciting company?

Our deal management platform not only safely guides checkout abandoners back to the shopping cart. But also upsells through dynamic coupons and improves margins through smart gamification that target lower coupon values.

The advertiser retains all control over the user experience and the promotions displayed on the voucher page. With, there are no cancellations due to expired promo codes or stronger vouchers from competitors!

What should advertisers consider when they want to work with you?

There are no significant challenges for our advertisers.

Our solution is most profitable if regular promotions and/or actions are part of the marketing strategy. We also recommend having traffic of at least 25k sessions per month. The technical implementation is quick. Depending on the shop system, you only have to install a plugin or set up a subdomain. Both tasks take only a few minutes and are very uncomplicated.

Special case: Many of our shops see the advantage of our solution in more than just controlling the vouchers. These brands want control over the offer funnel and show a high-quality user experience. Although coupons are only used very selectively, we have called this feature #CouponBranding.


Do you have any exciting plans coming up in the upcoming months?

With, we built the first voucher portal that brands love. Due to the increasing number of partners, we could collect a lot of feedback and decided that it was time for us again to launch new features and respond to the needs of eCommerce.

One of our upcoming exciting developments is the vchfy wallet. It will connect online shop promotions with local commerce. In all our developments, we pay attention to simple and efficient control for the advertiser. All vouchers and deals can be controlled via a central backend. Also, created promotions are displayed on several placements at the same time.

We are also working on a central distribution platform through which advertisers can transfer their offers and vouchers via API to affiliate networks such as Tradedoubler. That saves a lot of time in the management of vouchers. We are already talking to many networks, but Tradedoubler is really the only network that already has the requirements.

What trends do you currently see in affiliate marketing and e-commerce in general?

Tech publishers and influencers are playing an increasingly important role in affiliate marketing. While influencers offer advantages for image and additional reach, SaaS solutions from tech publishers can significantly increase and affect performance in eCommerce. Many technologies specialise in optimising conversion rates or offer modules that improve AOVs, bounce rates, and the user experience. These models are ideal for scaling and planning.


Why did you join the Tradedoubler network, and what do you enjoy the most?

I have known Tradedoubler since my time as Head of Marketing at Fashion Advertisers. After we found, especially the exciting affiliate programs of the advertisers in the retail segment attracted a lot of attention to us.

We have already been able to introduce our business model to many advertisers and connect exciting shops to our platform via the publisher and account managers of Tradedoubler. Also, the international orientation fits perfectly with our strategy because is where the advertiser is active. We are not limited to national borders.

As already mentioned, we also find the technical part, especially the API, very strong and can thus quickly implement new projects such as the voucher distribution system to affiliate networks and make life easier for advertisers.

David Goy vchfy
David Goy, CEO & Co-Founder at

A big thank you to David for this very informative Interview.

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