Publisher Spotlight: tryforyou


Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Yen Stadelmeyer and I am Co-Founder and Managing Director of tryforyou.


Can you introduce tryforyou?

tryforyou is a platform for product tests and product reviews. The basic idea of tryforyou is that our users take part in product test campaigns where they test all different kinds of products and give their honest feedback about the experiences they made. We want to be a platform where both users and advertisers benefit from authentic reviews.


What would you say are the biggest benefits for an advertiser working with tryforyou?

As already mentioned, advertisers can be sure that the feedback they get from our users is authentic. This is very important because advertisers can gain valuable insights into the usability of their products. Besides that, the three major advantages of working with us are the following:


Positive word of mouth

The vast majority of reviews is positive (4 stars and more) and most users recommend the purchase of the products they tested. Referral marketing plays an important role, especially in e-commerce, because more than 90% of consumers read online reviews and 88% of them trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations of people they know.

Highly qualified leads

We provide our advertisers with valuable information about who their customers are and what they like. Most of our users agree to get promotion from advertisers when they apply for test campaigns. With the help of our highly qualified leads, advertisers can gain new customers and personalize their advertising contents.

Brand awareness

We offer several possibilities to attract the attention of potential customers to a certain brand or product. Through attractive placements on our website, our newsletter, and social media posts we make sure that we do not only generate positive word of mouth for our advertisers, but that we also spread it.


What makes tryforyou an exciting company?

As we have already seen, referral marketing and lead generation are two important success factors for advertisers that want to push their sales. Product test campaigns on tryforyou are a great solution for those who want to generate positive word of mouth and want to get to know more about consumers’ interests.

Furthermore, it is our users that make tryforyou an exciting company, the are our centrepiece. It is great to see how different they are and what they are interested in. Some of them are already quite experienced product testers, others test products for the first time – it is the mix of people that makes the tryforyou community special.


Can you tell us more about your audience?

We have users from all age groups, ranging from 18 to 80 years, but most of our users (88%) are under 50 years old. Regarding gender, we have a slightly female bias (68%). Our users are interested in all kinds of product categories, but currently the most popular ones are beauty, fashion and tech.


Do advertisers need anything specific to work with tryforyou?

The most important thing for a test campaign are obviously the test products – they are essential. The great thing about our test campaigns is that we can individualise every single aspect of the campaign. Our advertisers can determine the number of testers, which criteria they must fulfil and which aspects of the product they should particularly focus on. ecc. The questions for the final evaluation are free of choice, too.

We are always looking for new advertisers who want to push their brand awareness, generate qualified leads and start their first test campaign with us!



Thank you, Yen, for the interview!

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