Publisher Spotlight: TELUS Health

Are you ready for Q4? Don’t miss the exciting placement offers of TELUS Health! It’s a company that is committed to enhancing health and wellbeing. Read now our interview with Fran Miele.

Fran Miele
Fran Miele, Partnerships at TELUS Health
TELUS Health


Can you briefly introduce TELUS Health? What’s the story and the core business value behind TELUS Health?

TELUS Health are committed to delivering remarkable health experiences for the benefit of all customers and individuals we serve around the world. Leveraging our world-leading technology, and nearly 10,000 passionate TELUS Health team members, we’re committed to building the healthiest communities and workplaces on the planet.

Across a web-based platform, app and Microsoft Teams integration, TELUS Health Perks platform has over 4 million invited users globally. We drive forward the financial wellbeing of our customers with impactful partnerships supporting savings on their everyday needs.

What do you look for in an advertiser to work with TELUS Health?

We look for advertisers who want to work in meaningful partnership with TELUS Health and support our users financial wellbeing. Our most successful partners take a whole market approach to campaign planning and always think long term – keeping one step ahead!  We aim to bring our users the exclusive offers that will be the most impactful for them. 

What are the key factors in determining which programs to join?

The key factors for us are: do we think it will be successful for the advertisers and bring value to our users, do we know there is demand within the vertical, and has the brand been mentioned within our ever popular “suggest-a-perk” function!

Q4 – The best time of the year

Q4 is the most exciting time of the year in the affiliate industry. Does TELUS Health have special placement opportunities?

We do! Our Gift Guide for 2023 will be promoted within newsletters, prominent within the platform, and provided directly to our corporate clients. It’s a great place to promote offers for the gifting season directly to our users.

We also have opportunities covering Black Friday and Cyber Monday still available.

It’s already known that Q4 is special – What kind of products and deals resonate with your audience at the best in this time?

Any advertiser that accommodates gifting generally sees uplift during this period with our users – tech, fashion, grocery, finance, and travel continue to see excellent performance. 

What are the biggest benefits for an advertiser to work with TELUS Health during this peak season?

Aligning your brand with a global company that promotes health and wellness.  Financial wellness is one of the 4 pillars of wellbeing, so you can support  our closed user group, and your customers, to save money on their holiday spending at a time when consumers are being effected by cost of living pressures across the board.


After Q4 comes the next year – Are there any exciting plans for the new year?

With the acquisition and rebrand from LifeWorks to TELUS health we have seen platform investment, user growth and product development for our users. It’s been great to see growth in engagement across platform under our new brand. We have some exciting new clients onboarding and we are really looking forward to delivering the best perks for a new cohort of employees!

With a focus on health and wellness offers in Q1, we promote a New Year/Get Healthy to our users: physically, financially, and mentally. Q1 2023 was our best performing Q1 since the platform was created – we are aiming to top that in 2024.

Thank you, Fran, for this very informative Interview! We are looking forward to a fantastic Q4 with TELUS Health.

Do you want to establish a partnership with TELUS Health? Don’t hesitate to contact us >>

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