Publisher Spotlight: Sublime

Too often, Branding is the subject of misconceptions, “it’s for big brands”, “it’s only accessible with large budgets”, “it’s difficult to measure the impact of a brand awareness campaign”.
Discover in our Publisher Spotlight why it is essential to work on your Branding in order to boost sales and strengthen your notoriety with the infographics of Sublime, our top Branding partner.

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Johanna, I have been an Account Manager at Sublime for three years.
My role is to advise and support agencies and affiliate platforms in achieving their visibility, conversion and traffic objectives thanks to our innovative formats and premium network.

Can you introduce Sublime?

Since 2012, Sublime has been creating and delivering creative solutions for brands in search of efficiency. Our commitment is to combine creativity and technology by offering the highest level of support through innovative and impactful advertising formats.

 Our head office is in Paris and we have offices in the UK, Spain, Italy and Singapore.

We work with more than 1.200 advertisers to generate qualified traffic for them, from all sectors of activity: Adidas, Samsung, Lenovo, McDonald’s, Nestlé, Café Royal, Renault, HP and Prismashop to name a few.

Tell us more about your solutions. What is “high impact”?

High impact refers to solutions that offer, thanks to their size or their creativity, significant viewability compared to traditional formats, a superior and extended creative space (x9 for desktop formats), while remaining non-intrusive, the user experience being key… and this without reducing performance with average click rates of 1,1% and a reach in our local markets of more than 75%. We are able to meet a variety of objectives, both in terms of Branding and performance.

Why is it essential to work on your Branding?

We encourage advertisers to go beyond the classic KPIS of impressions, visibility, click-through rate, etc. It is of course essential to measure these things, but we insist on a necessary balance between performance and branding. The two work in synergy, and in the long term, Branding becomes a driver for sales growth. Too often, Branding is the subject of received ideas “it’s only for big brands”, “it’s only accessible with large budgets”, “it’s difficult to measure the impact of brand awareness”. This is the message we want to convey: by choosing visible and impactful formats, through which brands will be able to engage their audiences on a regular basis, it is possible to boost sales whilst also strengthening brand notoriety.

Infographic Sublime

A big thank you goes to Johanna for this great Interview!

Do you want to work on your Branding? Do not hesitate to contact us to establish a partnership with Sublime >>

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