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Email Retargeting consists of retargeting visitors who are not logged in to a site and are unknown to the advertiser’s database by Email (and/or SMS). Discover how to integrate this channel into your digital marketing strategy with Edmonde Chiesa, Sales Director of our publisher partner Squadata, a leading player in Email Retargeting in France, Belgium, Spain and Italy.

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hello, I’m Edmonde, Sales Director at Squadata, based in Paris. My strong experience with e-merchants (PrestaShop, ShoppingFeed), meant joining the Squadata team made sense. In two years I have learned how to “reveal” the potential of Retargeting services by Email (and/or SMS) and now myself and the team are looking for new features (in 2021 we have focused on features dedicated to e-merchants).

Can you introduce Squadata?

Squadata was created in 2009 by Ludovic Mugnier and is managed by Philippe Pelissier. Email Retargeting consists of retargeting visitors who are not logged in to a site and who are unknown to the advertiser’s database by Email (and/or SMS). To date, Squadata is entrusted by publishers with more than 69 million Opt-in partners.

Tell us more about your audience and your technical solution. What type of advertisers do you work with?

We work with e-merchants, retailers, all those looking to develop the conversion funnel of their traffic and especially advertisers who are looking for new customers, new sales and new leads. We work with over 180 advertisers, for example: Orange, Bexley, Electro Dépôt, Pimkie, the brands of the Beaumanoir Group, Bessons Chaussures, Nexity, Valority, Zoomalia, Polytrans, MaxiBuro, Siblu, Thalasséo, EasyVoyages, Vatenfall, Engie, Zodio, Camif and many others. We are present in all sectors.

What are the benefits of partnering with Tradedoubler?

Email Retargeting is at the border between acquisition and conversion. It allows this dual objective. However, without a real acquisition program you can’t optimise your retargeting. Tradedoubler teams have a 360° view of the advertiser’s marketing strategy – which is a real plus for the advertiser. Account Managers play a key role through what they propose to clients. Moreover it’s a friendly team!

Do advertisers need something specific to work with Squadata?

Today Squadata caters to all advertisers with two distinct offers! Squadata differentiates advertisers based on the number of monthly unique visitors to a site (+ or – 150,000 unique monthly visitors).

What are the benefits of partnering with Squadata for advertisers?

The sustainability of the technological implementation: Google Chrome has announced the end of third-party cookies, following the example of Safari. Since 2018, Squadata has therefore produced a technological combo to develop the Email Retargeting channel.

Innovation: Each year Squadata innovates. This year 2021 was dedicated to technological developments for e-merchants. In 2018 free converters (encrypting Emails for free in MD5 or SHA256 format) became available on our platform.

In 2019 the “reactivation” service allows you to identify the assets of your inactive users!

So you can, re-solicit your customers or opt-in users, whilst also protecting your data.

In 2020 we launched Squadata Audience Rating, a free audit to find out the actual matching rate between visitors to a site and our databases.

Dedicated and transparent support: thanks to our traffic managers as well as to our interface presenting data from retargeting campaigns. These are some reassuring figures for Email Retargeting:

· Increased visibility of the Advertiser brand with an average email opening rate of 29%
· Click-through rates for conversion

Striking figures for SMS retargeting:

· 98% SMS opening rate
· Messages are read within 3 minutes of sending: ideal for a first basket recovery and/or drive-to-store communication.

What are the latest developments in the Email/Retargeting market?

Squadata has created several features dedicated to e-commerce this year such as: Boost Event, Price Alerting, Stock Alerting, separate recovery period by product and/or category, trademarketing.

To know the real reach rate of its site, use: Squadata Audience Rating.

You will receive an email each morning reporting the number of visitors recognized by Squadata. You can then quickly determine the potential turnover to be achieved.

For 2022 we are finalizing our roadmap of features and services. I can’t wait to talk about it!

Do you have any upcoming promotions, new launches or other news to share?

Our team is growing in our head office in Lyon with the arrival of Blandine and Léopold, and in Paris with the arrival of Manuela and Jérémy. We are still recruiting for one more position and we finally have new premises to welcome you to where we will be able to share our knowledge of Email and SMS Retargeting during workshops.

Would you like to partner with Squadata? Do not hesitate to contact us >>

Edmonde Chiesa ar Squadata
Edmonde Chiesa, Sales Director at Squadata

Many thanks to Edmonde for this interview!

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