Publisher Spotlight: Soreto


Can you briefly introduce yourself? 

Hi all, I am Anne-Sophie Larger, International Business Development Manager Soreto. I have been in the affiliate industry since 2015, working with publishers to help advertisers reach their marketing goals in terms of customer acquisition and ROI.


Can you introduce Soreto?

What is better than using your existing customers to acquire new ones?

Soreto is a referral marketing and social sharing technology that leverages the power of your existing customers to acquire new ones. We help turn your customers into brand ambassadors and harness word of mouth marketing in a simple, trackable and scalable way. Our technology allows you to incentivise your clients to share your brand with their family and friends through their social media channels enabling great organic social reach.

Our team is driven by many core values, with our clients’ best interests at heart. We are flexible, adaptive and support our advertisers in their marketing strategies.


What does the partnership with Tradedoubler do for you? 

Working with Tradedoubler allows us to be supported by a great Account Management team, being introduced to new brands in several countries and being visible in the affiliate industry. Thanks for your support!


Tell us more about your audience and your technology. 

Due to the nature of our business, we can work with any kind of advertisers as long as they can offer an incentive to their customers to encourage them to share with family and friends. We currently have over 150 clients across 10 markets, among them H&M, Lancome, Gym King, Samsung, Nike and many others.

Our audience is our advertisers’ audience, as our remit is to encourage your existing customers to share a positive message with their friends and family.


What are the latest trends in Referral Marketing/ Social Sharing?

Did you know, 75% of adults in the UK use social media in the buying process? And 55% make a purchase after a social media discovery? Plus, UK adults are 4x more likely to purchase when recommended by a friend? We typically see that around 10% of the customers who see our lightbox go on to share this, for some brands we see share rates of up to 20%. We then have an average click to sale rate of 14%.


Any exciting plans coming up in the next 12 months that you`d like to share? 

Developing new products to support our existing and future customers are at the heart of our objectives for the next 12 months. We offer optimization campaigns to improve the conversation and share rates of the brands we work with.

We are also developing a website dedicated to our advertisers and consumers.

The Soreto product range is expanding, so watch this space!


Do you want to establish a partnership with Soreto? Don’t hesitate to contact us >>

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