Publisher Spotlight: Smarter Click


We caught up with David Ayre, Country Manager of Smarter Click, to find out more about how their full user journey re-marketing services help manage client campaigns on performance metrics to increase their conversions, reduce their abandonment rates, and drive new customers.



How long have you worked in the affiliate marketing space?

I have been in affiliate marketing for over 10 years now, although my career in digital spans sometime before that too.

What have you seen change in that time?

During this time, I have seen affiliate marketing develop from a fledgling industry to the exciting grown up industry it is now. It has been exciting to see all the innovation that has taken place over the last 10 years in the industry, something that shows no signs of slowing down.

Where do you see the industry going?

This industry has always been changing and evolving. The close relationships that we form between clients, networks, agencies and affiliates create an atmosphere for continual innovation and development, whether that be innovating to meet a client’s requirements or innovation from external changes impacting the channel.

I don’t think this will change any time soon – there are more and more exciting and innovative affiliate partners coming into the industry and our nurturing nature means that we are increasingly moving away from the perceived remote affiliates promoting brands on their sites to true partnerships driving incremental revenue for advertisers.

What do you most enjoy about affiliate marketing?

The nature of the industry being close relationships is what I enjoy most about this industry – it always has been a nuance of affiliate marketing that growth, success and development come from our close relationships and it is always exciting to see these relationships grow and develop in successful partnerships.

What’s been your greatest experience working for Smarterclick?

Every day is a great experience working for Smarter Click! We have a fantastic team of motivated and enthusiastic colleagues from various walks of life that make every day unique. My greatest experience is one that repeats itself many times – I love the look on client’s faces when we explain our product offering – having the ability to talk about a technology that surprises and awes clients is a fantastic experience and I just wish I could do it 24/7!

How long have you had a relationship with Tradedoubler?

I have a very close relationship with Tradedoubler. Prior to joining Tradedoubler as Agency Account Director, I worked agency side and Tradedoubler were my network of choice for many of my clients – so now working affiliate side, I have experienced Tradedoubler and its service from all directions. Smarter Click have had a relationship with Tradedoubler since our inception 4.5 years ago and they have always supported Smarter Click’s journey – sharing an office with them is always great fun (particularly on Friday afternoons for cocktail time.)

Is there anything that you see drastically affecting affiliate marketing in the next 12 months?

Boring answer was GDPR – we all hate the sound of it, but I think most partners have reacted well to the developments and I think the work that has been put in by everyone is paying off for all of us in the long term.

Do you have any upcoming promotions, new launches, or exciting news you would like to share?

Life at Smarter Click is a constant stream of new launches and developments, but most recently, our exciting news is we have now launched a new product to our amazing product stack – Browser Notifications. This enables clients to be able to engage with their customers after they have left the client’s website in a non-intrusive, GDPR friendly way. The impact of GDPR has been seen in client’s email data and so having a tool in your marketing stack that enables brands to engage with customers and get them back to their site is essential to any marketer. This product launch strengthens our position as the number 1 technology provides in the industry. 



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