Publisher Spotlight: Savoo

Discover our latest Publisher Spotlight, an interview with Ella Labiod, Country Manager for Savoo France.

Savoo was founded in 2009 in London, UK, as the sister company to world-leading American discount site Savoo stands out in the affiliate market by allowing its users to also donate to charities whilst saving money using discount codes – completely free of charge!



Can you introduce yourself in a few lines?

Hello, my name is Ella Labiod and I work as Country Manager at, based in London. I joined the Savoo team in 2018 as an Account Manager and I evolved within the company alongside our French, European and US markets.

Previously, I was in charge of car fleet management for medium and large companies in the Lyon region.

Can you introduce Savoo? In which markets are you present?

Savoo is an international group of discount code websites offering voucher codes and various offers to allow Internet users to save money on their online purchases.

Since launching in 2009 Savoo has expanded to more than 10 countries in Europe and around the world (USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Australia). was founded in 2011 and has since become a renowned platform for promo codes in France. Listing over 5000 brands, and thousands more offers and exclusive discount codes, Savoo connects exciting brands looking to advertise via promo code platform with engaged users. And of course, our discount codes and offers can be used for free and without requiring registration.

What types of advertisers do you work with? Do advertisers need anything specific to work with Savoo?

We work with brands from a wide range of categories from the world of fashion to travel, from high-tech product to beauty, food, and many more.

Our partner brands need to be signed-up to an affiliate network, like Tradedoubler, so we can work together. We also prefer our advertisers to offer promotional codes – although it is not mandatory, it certainly adds a more attractive proposition for our users.


What are the advantages of a partnership with Savoo for advertisers?

We offer the possibility for advertisers to gain exposure through different packages according to their budget, their objectives and their markets.

The Savoo Europe team is based in London, working hand-in-hand to offer solutions specific to local markets, and internationally, with expert native partnerships and content teams. This saves time for our advertisers, as well as allowing us to offer preferential rates.

What makes you different from your competitors?

Savoo stands out in the affiliate market by being the only international discount code  network to enable users to donate to charities whilst also saving money, all completely free of charge. This allows them to do a good deed without reducing their purchasing power.

This service has been available on since 2017 as “Savoo: Search Save and Raise’ and on since July 2022, under the name of ‘Charity of the Month!”

What are your different offers for merchants who want to boost their income for the start of the school year?

We offer different back-to-school packs, providing exposure on our various marketing media, homepages, newsletters, social networks, blogs, as well as our dedicated Back to School pages.

We’re starting to book slots on our Black Friday microsite, which has been in the Top 3 of Google rankings for over 4 years.

Savoo France also offers premium placements for advertisers who wish to help us to collect the maximum amount of donations for charities of the month:

· September:
· October:
· November:


Do you have any upcoming promotions, new launches or other news to share?

We have chosen to work closely with various associations to enable our audience to help make the world a better place whilst saving money for themselves.

Each month since July 2022, Savoo has donated part of its income to a partner association: the Association of the month.

This association is promoted on our various Marketing media (Homepage / Newsletter / special Association of the month page / social network / blog).

Savoo offers some advertisers the opportunity to participate in this campaign in exchange for specific commercial conditions, allowing them to increase the monthly donations made by Savoo to the charity of the month.

The charities supports cover wide areas of concern from environmental charities, animal protection to charities which protect and support children and adolescents.

Thanks to this new project, and with the help of two of our advertisers, Savoo was able to donate € 1,508.28 to the Le Rire Médecin association in July.
This has helped more than 50 children in different hospitals across France.

Ella laboid
Ella Labiod, Country Manager for Savoo France.

Many thanks to Ella for this fantastic interview!

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