Publisher Spotlight: Savings United

Aftab Aslam, Head of UK Operations at Savings United, told us about how they see the future of voucher within the affiliate market, about their partnerships with globally prestigious media, the benefits they offer for advertisers that work with them and some of their plans for the next year.



Can you introduce Savings United?

Savings United is an award-winning global company that partners with premium media companies to connect advertisers with shoppers across different stages of the customer journey. We help advertisers meet customer needs through an effective mix of high-quality content and voucher code solutions.

How is Savings United different than a traditional voucher partner?

We go beyond voucher codes. Our global and country teams are committed to providing the most creative and result-oriented marketing solutions (including online to offline activities) by understanding the intrinsic needs of customers and advertisers.

Our projects empower advertisers to reach shoppers along the customer journey; starting with the awareness stage and driving them down the purchase funnel.

How does Savings United see the future of voucher within the affiliate channel?

The voucher code market has been developing towards a much more complex business where advertisers are demanding solutions that help them to stand out while providing customers with a greater value which is over and above saving money. Voucher websites will need to invest in supporting shoppers in their decision-making process as well as offering advertisers higher quality ways to meet their evolving needs.

Following this vision, we are providing advertisers and customers with a prime offering that includes trustworthy content opportunities with high quality and effective voucher code solutions. Our projects support advertisers build deeper connections with customers.

Savings United has some pretty powerful partnerships with premium media. Can you talk about what they are?

We are extremely proud and delighted to partner with prestigious media companies globally such as ESI Media in the UK (the Independent and Evening Standard), Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in Germany, Newsweek in Poland and Tecmundo in Brazil.

When it comes to the UK market, Savings United has the largest portfolio of partnerships with media companies in the industry. In total, we have over 40 global projects with media partners positioning Savings United as a leading international publisher in the voucher code market.

What are the benefits for advertisers working with Savings United?

One of our most important benefits is advertisers get to work with a passionate, curious and knowledgeable team that are driven and results-orientated. The success we’ve achieved in the UK thus far has been because of this focus and support structure.

Our diverse network of media partners work with our team to provide performance-based solutions that help advertisers: meet customer needs, surpass their ROI objectives, perform successful global campaigns, increase their reach and strengthen their brand presence beyond borders of the national market.

The global reach of our projects benefits all advertisers, particularly those that operate on a multi-territory basis, opening doors to interesting and unique campaigns that aren’t typical for traditional voucher code partners.

Is it possible for an advertiser to run a global campaign using Savings United?

Yes! As touched on already, our fast-growing portfolio of projects with media companies is already active in 13 countries. We will be happy to provide advertising with a result-oriented global solution that fits their needs and aligns with their objectives of performance and branding.

Any exciting plans coming up in the next 12 months that you’d like to share? / Do you have any upcoming promotions, new launches, or exciting news you would like to share?

We are experiencing amazing times with several significant launches as well as scaling into new markets. 2018 has been remarkable thus far, and there are further exciting launches and product developments planned, both in the UK and globally (e.g. the US) to further enrich our portfolio. Our focus is fully on Q4 and peak planning, and we’re discussing opportunities with advertisers around all the key periods, especially Black Friday and Cyber Monday week. We’re looking forward to driving increased revenue and added value for brands during this period and beyond!


The Interviewer:

Fatme is a Partnership Development Manager at Tradeboubler UK since September 2018. Being part of the Publisher Team she looks after key publishers and performance. With over 3 years of experience in marketing, Fatme has been exposed to the entire marketing mix and is now applying her knowledge, expertise and strategic approach into developing and optimising Tradedoubler’s top publisher’s portfolio.


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